Worker Satisfaction Up From 2002

May 12, 2005 ( - Workers may not exactly be in love with their employers, but the results of a new survey show many employees are significantly more positive about their work than they were three years ago.

A Mercer Human Resource Consulting news release said its 2005 What’s Working Survey found that employees generally have become more positive about most aspects of their organizations and jobs, including the security of their positions. The last such poll was in 2002.

More than eight in 10 (84%) are satisfied with the type of work they do, while 69% are satisfied with their jobs and 66% are satisfied with their organizations.


  • nearly two-thirds (64%) feel a strong sense of commitment to their organization, up from 58% in 2002
  • more than seven in 10 (73%) workers say they are confident their organization “will be successful in the future,” compared to 63% in 2002
  • some 65% (up from 59% in 2002) agree that their job security is as good or better than that available at nearby companies
  • some 49% say they believe their organization is well-managed, up from 40% reported three years ago.

Additionally, among employees who are confident that they will be able to achieve their long-term career objectives with their current organization only 24% say they are seriously thinking about leaving their organization. By contrast, among employees who are not confident about achieving long-term career objectives at their current organization, 50% are seriously thinking about bailing out.

Among employees who say they are given good opportunities for continuous learning to improve their skills, 32% say they are seriously thinking of heading for the exits. However, among employees who do not feel they have good opportunities for continuous learning with their current employer, 57% are devising their exit strategy.

The survey covered workers at more than 800 US organizations. More information about Mercer Human Resource Consulting is at . A free registration is required.