Workers Are Happy With Their Jobs

December 4, 2002 ( - Over 75% of workers are happy with their jobs, according to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)/ survey.

The survey of 604 workers and 461 HR professionals reports 30% of workers consider themselves “very satisfied” and 35% “satisfied” on the job.   On the other hand, 11% responded to being dissatisfied with their jobs.

This may come as a surprise to HR professionals, who projected only 8% of workers would say they are “very satisfied” with their jobs.

Men and women reported equal levels of satisfaction with their positions, but the reasons for the happiness differed.   Men pointed to job security and benefits as the most important influences to job satisfaction; compared to women, who selected flexibility to balance life and work issues and communication.  

Combining the two genders, employees overall rate job security and benefits as the most important factors to happiness with their jobs.   HR professionals polled believed employees were looking for good communication with management and recognition; fourth and sixth, respectively, among employee concerns.  

Age differentials also factored into job happiness.   Employees age 36-55 report the highest levels of satisfaction, with employees 35 and under the lowest.   Additionally, differences in age showed variances on what is most influential to employee job happiness:

  • Workers under 35 report communication between employees and management as the most important
  • Workers between 35-55 were most concerned with job security
  • Workers age 56 and older report benefits as their top priority

The SHRM/ survey was conducted online in September and polled employees on 16 parameters that influence job satisfaction levels.   The margin of error is 4%.