Workers Call Offshoring 'Unpatriotic'

August 10, 2004 ( - Most American workers are resentful of domestic businesses that offshore jobs.

Just over half (53%) of American workers think that it is unpatriotic to send jobs overseas, and the same proportion (53%) are resentful of businesses that do so, a poll commissioned by The Marlin Company and conducted by Harris Interactive shows.

Some of the resent may be linked to workers feeling like their job could be in jeopardy. Nearly one worker in five (18%) reports that people in their workplaces are fearful that their jobs could go overseas.

Employees are also disenfranchised with their employer’s retirement offering. Sixty-three percent of those polled said they believe that American workers “are at the end of a golden era, when people looked forward to retirement, pensions, health insurance and long-term security.”

“The implied social contract between employer and employee has changed dramatically in the last generation, and American business is on the precipice of seeing the word ‘loyalty’ eliminated from the corporate lexicon,” said Frank Kenna III, President of The Marlin Company.

The survey was done for The Marlin Company, a business-to-business workplace communications publisher in North Haven, Connecticut. The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive, based on 772 interviews among a nationally representative sample of adult American full-time and part-time workers.