Workers Give Employers a Vote of Confidence

November 21, 2001( - In the face of rising unemployment, the majority of US employees surveyed believe that their employers will avoid trimming payrolls at all costs, a recent poll commissioned by the Employment Law Alliance (ELA) reveals.

The poll, America At Work, by ELA, a global network of law firms, found that:

over 60% of US workers are “very confident” that employers are doing everything possible to avoid layoffs,

  • while only 21% expressed “some confidence”, and
  • the remainder are “not too confident” or “not at all confident”

Of the employees surveyed, 21% report their employer has cut staff recently or is expected to do so in the next month.

Among those whose companies are in the midst of layoffs, 83% do not believe that their employer is using the terrorist attacks as an excuse to impose or accelerate layoffs. The remainder takes the opposite view.

The poll also reveals that, while the majority of those polled hold non-union positions,

  • almost 40% believe that union members are more secure in their jobs right now,
  • compared to 35% who think that union membership has no effect on job security

The national telephone survey of 1,000 working adult Americans was conducted by Reed Haldy McIntosh & Associates to gauge attitudes toward job security in the aftermath of the attacks.