Workers Less Satisfied With Jobs

October 17, 2000 ( - American workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs - the promotion policies, wages and even training. However, they're feeling better about their pensions according to a new survey.

Less than 51% of respondents are happy with their job today, down from nearly 59% five years ago, according to the Conference Board. In fact, the only areas registering a moderate improvement were “job security” and “pension plans.”

Boomers Busted?

It may come as no surprise to find that baby boomers – those 45-54 – are the most unhappy group, with just 46.5% satisfied, down 10 percentage points from five years ago.  More troubling is that those 35-44, once the most satisfied (61%) have seen that level slide to 51%.

As a result of those slides, the most satisfied group is now those in Generation X, where 58.1% say they are satisfied. 

Consumers say relationships with co-workers are the most enjoyable part of their jobs, but that level is down to 59% from 64% five years ago.  Fifty-eight percent say they are satisfied with their commute to work, down from 62% in 1995.

Money Matters

Families earning less than $25,000 are the least satisfied, while those earning more than $50,000 are happiest with their jobs.  Perhaps ironically, the largest decline in satisfaction came from those making more than $50,000 (from 66.5% to 55.1%).