Workers Show Confidence in Employer Response to Recession

June 24, 2009 ( - A recent survey suggests the majority of professionals believe their employers are doing what's needed to respond to the economic downturn.

A Robert Half press release about it survey says 21% of workers indicated their employers are doing everything right in handling the recession, while 48% said their employers are doing most things right. Just over a quarter (26%) said their employers are only doing some things right, but only 4% reported their firms are not doing anything right.

Eighteen percent of professionals surveyed indicated they believe their companies will emerge much stronger from the recession, and 37% said their companies would emerge somewhat stronger. More than a quarter predicted no change (29%), and 11% believe their firms will emerge somewhat weaker from the recession.

“Letting employees know how the company plans to persevere and grow also builds confidence. Professionals who feel positive about their firm’s prospects are more apt to stay on board for the long term,” said Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International, in the press release.