Workers Want Employers to Regulate Revellers

December 13, 2001 ( - Almost 60% of American workers want their employers to regulate holiday parties, but 65% of employers don't think they should be held liable for the behavior of their employees - behavior which includes off-color jokes, sexual advances or excessive drinking, a recent survey finds.

The America at Work Poll, conducted by the Employment Law Alliance (ELA) revealed that:

  • almost 45% of the sample have been to an employer-sponsored holiday party at which there was  drunkenness or drug use,  and
  • close to  15% said they had been to one at which there was inappropriate sexual behavior

The ELA suggests these guidelines to prevent holiday parties from getting out of hand.

  • educate personnel about No Harassment, No Retaliation and Equal Employment Opportunity policies,
  • if alcohol is served, arrange for designated drivers, reduced cab fares or hotel room rates,
  • provide ample food and entertainment to prevent drinking from becoming the focus of the party, and
  • designate a responsible person, preferably a manager, who will refrain from consuming alcohol, to monitor the party

The poll comprised the responses of 1,000 working adults.