Workplace Trust Shaken, Workers Not "Stirrred"

August 30, 2002 ( - A growing number of US workers don't trust the firms they work for.

Only a third (34%) of respondents to a new Mercer study agreed with the statement, “I can trust management in my organization to always communicate honestly.”  Four in 10 (42%) disagreed, and the rest (24%) gave a neutral response.  Even among senior managers, four out of 10 were distrustful of the company.

Other survey conclusions include that:

  • a third believe their firm is mismanaged
  • a half said their managers care about them
  • a quarter said they have considered finding a new job
  • manufacturing workers were the most negative with just over half saying they got a feeling of accomplishment from their work and just under half professing commitment to their company

Senior managers raised their flag the highest in the loyalty area.  For example, 82% of senior managers said they had a strong sense of commitment to their organization, versus 68% for management employees and 52% for non-management employees.

And 76% of senior managers said managers at their organization demonstrate a concern for the well being of employees, versus 54% for management employees and 46% for non-management employees.

The Mercer survey covered nearly 2,600 US working adults in a broad cross-section of industries.