Workscape Introduces Updated Version of Comp Mgmt Solution

October 19, 2005 ( - Workscape, Inc. has introduced its updated compensation management application, OneForce /Compensation Planner 6.0.

A company press release said the new solution makes it easier for managers to make effective compensation decisions that conform to corporate guidelines and drive higher work performance.

OneForce/Compensation Planner users can now plan for all pay elements—salary, bonus, and equity—and view any employee’s total pay history, on a single multilingual screen, according to the announcement.   Improved worksheets and graphical sliders enable quick calculations and comparisons against real market data.

The new version is built on a 6.0 DHTML technology platform, instead of the former Java applet.   It is deployable in multiple languages and capable of supporting multiple currencies.  New reporting options provide HR managers and executives with pay trend reports in real-time and the application also provides full transaction audit trail and reporting to support compliance efforts.

In addition, Workscape has included OneForce/Configuration Manager, an HR administration companion tool that offers an easy-to-use “drag and drop” method for managing all types of data hierarchies – rules, eligibilities, jobs, supervisory roles, organizational relationships, and more – in the compensation planner application.

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