Would You Hire Homer Simpson?

October 20, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Better still, if he did work for you, how much would you pay Homer Simpson?

Forgetting for a second that he’s just an animated character (you might call him a cartoon) – his occupation is, of course, a nuclear safety inspector – at least within the confines of the weekly show “The Simpsons”. And, according to Salary.com, whatever Homer’s peculiar characteristics and work ethic, the median pay for someone in that type position is nearly $67,500.

What about that “real”, if somewhat acerbic, Dr. Gregory House of Fox’s TV show House? Salary.com plots out a median salary of just under $200,000 for a typical “Physician – Infectious Disease” in Princeton, New Jersey.

Other Characters

Salary.com’s Real-Life Salaries of Popular TV Characters offers some intriguing perspectives on what your favorite TV characters would make in real life – if they were actually in the job they play on TV.

The list also includes:

  • Michael Scott, Regional Sales Manager (“The Office”),
  • Betty Suarez, Executive Assistant (“Ugly Betty”), and
  • Jack Bauer, Special Agent (“24”).

The full list is online at http://aolsvc.salary.aol.com/careersandwork/salary/articles/atcl_careeradvice.asp?atc=580