Zacks Takes on Retirement Plan Provider Role

August 23, 2006 ( - Zacks Investment Management has announced the creation of Zacks Retirement Plan Solutions.

According to the announcement, the new division combines the investment management services of Zacks, the trading technology of investment company FOLIOfn, Inc. and the administrative functions of Benefit Consultants Group, to provide a 401(k) plan with a separately managed account structure. Andrew Zimmer, Managing Director of Zacks Investment Management and creator of the plan, says the structure will provide participants with professional, private money management.

Other features of the new 401(k) plan include:

  • A plan design which will include features such as automatic enrollment, escalating savings and automatic investing.
  • Complete transparency with the ability to view all holdings and transactions. This includes the ability to hold individual securities and fractional shares of securities in the plan.
  • No 12b-1 fees and full investment disclosure.
  • Risk Management services.
  • Incorporation of Zacks LifeCycle Strategies managed stock and bond portfolios that adjust their weightings to each asset class over time as the employee nears retirement.

More information about Zacks Retirement Plan Solutions can be found at .