A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Anchorage, Alaska, a moose moseyed into a hospital recently; the doors were stuck open due to the extreme cold. According to the Associated Press, a hospital spokeswoman said the plant greenery in the warm lobby was likely inviting to the animal, who ended up eating some of the plants before leaving the building after about 10 minutes inside.


In Dearborn, Michigan, a woman was shocked when she picked up a telephone call and was told that a pet hospital in Tampa, Florida had her cat, which had been missing for two months. It’s unclear how the cat made the cross-country trek, but the woman guesses he hitched a ride on a moving vehicle or was found by someone in Michigan on their way to Florida, the Detroit Free Press reported.


In Berwick, Pennsylvania, the lawyer for a woman charged with driving while under the influence had an interesting argument. The (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise reports that an officer who pulled the woman over testified she was nibbling on her coat before he gave her a breath test and that he ordered her to stop. Her BAC was 0.151. The woman’s lawyer asked the officer if he knew the chemical composition of the coat, noting that certain substances can alter the results of the test. However, the judge ruled there was enough evidence to go to trial because the officer also said the woman melled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.
The last thing he said before cutting down a tree was, “Hold my beer.”

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Stealing a bicycle is wrong, but trying to steal one right in front of the police station is just sooo wrong.

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In Salinas, California, a resident’s security system alerted her to strange movement outside her house early one morning. Looking at her security camera, she saw a trespasser licking her doorbell—which he did for three hours. The woman told local station KION-TV that her family spent the rest of that weekend sanitizing the doorbell.

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