2011 NewsDash Archive List

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NewsDash – December 30, 2011 

A Look at the Current System of Tax Incentives for Retirement Savings, Medical Costs Continue to Burden American Families, NYC Comptroller Weighs in on Clawbacks Controversy, Neither Equities nor Fixed Income Highly Favored by 401(k) Participants, MassMutual Launches Fund with Multi-Asset Strategy, A Closer Look at the Retail versus Institutional Funds Debate

NewsDash – December 29, 2011 

2011 NQDC Buyer’s Guide, White Papers Address Dissatisfied Employees, Public Employee Retirement Systems Lose Money, Participant Advice Exemption Passes Its Final Test, The 408(b)(2) Burden on Fiduciaries

NewsDash – December 28, 2011 

The Road Ahead for Plan Sponsors, Retirement System Sues Delphi Financial, Sentinel Releases Mobile App for Retirement Accounts, Considerations When Adjusting TDFs for Inflation, Pension Fund Head in Russia Sentenced for Fraud, Why Plan Sponsors Should Care about the Redefinition of Fiduciary

NewsDash – December 27, 2011 

SECOND OPINIONS: PPACA Coverage Mandate Penalties, Screen Actors Guild CEO Accused of Misusing Pension Funds, Court Sides with NFL Pension Board on Denial of Disability Benefits, Payroll Tax Cut Bill Includes “Recapture” Tax, SURVEY SAYS: Will You Make New Year’s Resolutions for 2012?

NewsDash – December 23, 2011 

Wellness Strategies Positively Affect the Bottom Line, MassMutual Announces Retirement Services Leadership Appointments, Illinois Legislator Concerned about TRS Investment in Alternatives, Museum Faces Selloff of Collection to Fund Pension, IRS Extends Application Deadline for Opinion and Advisory Letters

NewsDash – December 22, 2011 

Nebraska State Troopers Want Back Pension Contributions, Most Workers Link Bosses to Good Holiday Characters, Accused Kil.ler Can Use 401(k) Funds to Hire Attorney, TDFs Help Younger Workers Invest Correctly, Mercer Paper Discusses Impact of Scrutiny on Fees, Court Reinstates Constructive Discharge Claim for Disabled Vet

NewsDash – December 21, 2011 

Groups Ask for More Time on Fee Disclosure, Younger Workers Saving More Diligently than Older Workers, Principal Offers Fee Disclosure Resource Center, Study Says 401(k)s Undermine Government Efforts, DoL Releases Information on 2011 Form 5500, Supreme Court Sets Aside Three Days for PPACA Review

NewsDash – December 20, 2011 

New Mexico Considers Minimum Retirement Age for Healthcare Benefits, SPARK and ICI Release Glossary of Investment-Related Terms for Participants, SEI Finds Growing Consensus on Pension Discount Rates, CVS Settles Pension Funds’ Suits for $20M, Owner Trustee May be Held Liable for Wrongful Denial of Benefits

NewsDash – December 19, 2011 

County System Files Suit to Remain in Control of Staff, Commission Recommends Changes to Mississippi System, DB Sponsors Face Increase in Contributions and Expenses in 2012, Investors Should Expect another Turbulent Year, Friendly’s Settles with PBGC in Pension Suit, SURVEY SAYS: Can DC Plans Provide Adequate Retirement Income?

NewsDash – December 16, 2011 

Middle-Market Employers not Ready for Fee Disclosure, Expected Retirement Date Six Years Later for Today’s Pre-Retirees, Benefits Costs Leading Factor Impacting Compensation Decisions, Investors Should Take a Regional Diversification Approach in 2012, Move Away from DBs Increasing in the UK

NewsDash – December 15, 2011 

Recession Didn’t Stop Long-Term Growth of DC Accounts, DiNapoli Says 401(k)s “Woefully Inadequate” for Retirement Income, Great-West Appoints Two to Government Markets Team, 401k ProAdvisor Offers Fee Disclosure Help, CalPERS Responds to Negative Pension Funding Report, Ireland’s Pensions Board Looks to Simplify DC Schemes

NewsDash – December 14, 2011 

403(b) Sponsors Continue Improving Plans, Employers Lacking in Benefits Communications, MassMutual Introduces LDI Evaluation Tool, California Panel Adopts Model Pension Disclosure Guidelines, Changes Coming in January to the Canada Pension Plan

NewsDash – December 13, 2011 

Employers Committed to Offering Healthcare Coverage, Texas System Expects Savings from Retiree Health Benefit Shift, Security Benefit Launches 401(k) with Fiduciary Services, Prudential White Paper Discusses De-Risking Opportunity from PPACA, U.S. Mutual Fund Flows Down in 2011, Average Contributions to UK DC Schemes Have Stagnated

NewsDash – December 12, 2011 

Employee Healthcare Costs Are Top Concern of Local Governments, Data Confirms Employees Intend to Work Longer, Report for N.H. System Finds Switch to 401(k) May be Costly, Legislators Present Public Pensions as Next Big Debt Crisis, SURVEY SAYS: Most Unusual Gifts from Co-Workers or Bosses

NewsDash – December 9, 2011 

Providers Would Do Well to Keep in Contact with Participants, New York State Retiree Group Starts Legal Action over Health Benefits Costs, Newkirk Offers Sponsors Help on Participant Fee Disclosures, DB Sponsors Identify Primary Benchmarks of Successful Investing, What to Expect When Your Retirement Plan Is Audited, EBSA Revises Electronic Fee Disclosure Rules

NewsDash – December 8, 2011 

Comp Costs Report Shows Difference in Retirement Plan Landscapes, RSI Launches Roll-In Service for Abandoned Plan Accounts, J.P. Morgan Expands LDI Solutions Group, Americans Resolve to Save More in 2012, DB Plans See Slight Funding Improvement in November

NewsDash – December 7, 2011 

Why Are Higher Ed Employees not Preparing Well for Retirement?, Most Unusual Holiday Gifts from Co-Workers, Employees Remain Confident about Employer Healthcare Coverage, MetLife Releases Free Retirement Planning Guide, Employee Financial Stress Affects Attendance, Productivity, More Holocaust Survivors to Receive Pensions, IRS Issues FAQs on New Form 8955-SSA

NewsDash – December 6, 2011 

PLANSPONSOR Webcast Event: Adding Real Assets to Your DC Plan Menu, Paychex Launches Mobil App for HR and Benefits Products, More Conversation Needed about Pension Risk Transfer Solutions, DB Sponsors See Shrinking Deficits in November, Callan DC Index Loses 11% in Third Quarter, PHOTO GALLERY: From the PLANSPONSOR Europe Conference in Barcelona, EBSA Proposes Rules to Protect Workers in MEWAs

NewsDash – December 5, 2011 

Almost Half of Workers Say Benefits Will be Cut in 2012, Small Biz Owners Want to Give Employees Retirement Benefit for Life, Goldman Sachs Co-Head of Asset Management to Retire, Mutual Funds Won’t be Champion of Future DC Assets, SURVEY SAYS: What Will be the Biggest Benefits-Related News for Employers?

NewsDash – December 2, 2011 

Foundation Proposes New Ideas for Public Pensions, Aetna Enhances Website to Help with Health Plan Choices, Md. State Retirement Agency Closes Direct Equity Real Estate Program, Having Children Affects Retirement Planning, PBGC Admits to United Airlines Mistakes, IRS Talks Retirement Plan Errors

NewsDash – December 1, 2011 

Fidelity Analysis Finds Auto Enrollment Increasing Participation, A New American Dream Emerges, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Enhances DC Consulting Capabilities, The Hartford Introduces Fixed Index Annuities, Union Rep Talks to PLANSPONSOR Europe Live from Protests, Plan Must Repay Assets not Yet Recouped

NewsDash – November 30, 2011 

401(k) Sponsors Increasingly Focused on Investments, Running out of Money a Top Retirement Concern, Millennials Admit to Different Work Attitudes, Few Military Families Confident about Retirement, Pension Funding Ratios to Decline with New GASB Rules, European Cities Dominate Mercer 2011 Quality of Life Survey, PBGC: American Airlines Bankruptcy Could Hurt Financial Position

NewsDash – November 29, 2011 

NewsDash – November 29, 2011(2) 

Higher Ed Employees not Preparing Well for Retirement, Half of Workers Plan to Shop Online While at Work, Asset International Acquires Product Lines from FRC, SunGard Offers ESG Information on Companies, Alternative Investment Managers Optimistic about Prospects, Small UK Firms Get More Time on Auto Enrollment, Court Finds Administrator not Liable for Fiduciary’s Misconduct

NewsDash – November 28, 2011 

MEPs: Open vs. Closed, White Paper Discusses Managing the Complexity of Alternatives, Pension Plans Becoming more Selective with Alternatives, Should Some Employers be too Small to “Fail”?, An Update on the IRS 401(k) Compliance Questionnaire Project, PBGC Announces Increased Benefit Minimums

NewsDash – November 24, 2011 

China Up to Challenge of Sustaining World Growth, London Borough of Hillingdon Appoints J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Oil Prices Likely To Be Supported, Possible Pressure to Align IORP Directive with Solvency II, PME in Need of Increased Premiums To Restore Assets, Tax Reform A Short Term Fix to Russia’s Pension Deficit, UK Workers Fear Savings Are Inadequate

NewsDash – November 23, 2011 

Employee Sues over Firing for Refusal to Wear 666 Sticker, Meeting the Challenge of Building Better Outcomes, ADP Launches Tool to Help with Paying Plan Fees, Are Benefits of Alternative Investments Overstated?, PBGC Audit Finds Fault with Internal Controls, Most Employers Still Hosting Holiday Parties

NewsDash – November 22, 2011 

PPACA: What Should be on Your 2012 Checklist?, Court Says Michigan Can Tax Pensions, Employees Weigh in on Wellness Programs, MassMutual Launches RetireSmart TV, TIAA-CREF CIO Retiring, DB Scheme Closures in UK Continue to Increase

NewsDash – November 21, 2011 

Plan Complexity not a Major Driver of Fees, What Does a Retirement Readiness Focus Mean for Your Plan?, Maryland Retirement Agency Looks for Corporate Governance Services, Pension Risk Transfers Less Attractive in October, Employers Will Get More Time on Summary of Benefits Rules, Can a 403(b) Plan Move from ERISA to non-ERISA?

NewsDash – November 18, 2011 

A New Incentive to Prepare for a Long Retirement , One-Third of Pre-Retirees Haven’t Calculated Income Needs, CPI Adds Russell Funds to Retirement Plan Platform, Sponsors Queuing Up for a New Look at Real Estate, EBRI: State Policies May Help Retirement Security

NewsDash – November 17, 2011 

403(b) Sponsors Have Room for Improvement in Benchmarking, Americans Have Specific Amount of Retirement Savings in Mind, Employers Cite PPACA Concerns, MetLife Launches Enrollment Program, Retirees with Financial Advisers More Financially Secure, Fred Reish Discusses 401(k) Fee and Revenue-Sharing Lawsuits

NewsDash – November 16, 2011 

JUST RELEASED! PLANSPONSOR’s Annual DC Survey, Plan Sponsors May Have False Sense of Security with TDFs, Confidence in Future of Employer-Sponsored Health Care Falls, Lincoln Offers 401(k) Plan with Fiduciary Services, Massachusetts Lawmakers Agree to Bump up State Retirement Age, Positives Exist Amid Dire PBGC Financial Picture

NewsDash – November 15, 2011 

Second Opinions: Time to Update Your Explanation of Benefits Checklist, Companies Should Engage Younger Workers in DC Plans, Prudential Launches Retirement Income-Focused Web Site, Segal Provides Overview of Pension Funding Policy, Pension Liabilities Cause Cautious Progress on M&A, Supreme Court Agrees to Review Health Care Law

NewsDash – November 14, 2011 

MIDLIFE CRISIS: Less than Half of Middle Age Feel Confident about Retirement, PAY HEIGHT: Americans Say Top Managers Paid too Much, DE-RISK DISSED: Research Says De-risking Pensions Impossible, BONDS POSTED: Taxable Bond Funds See High Demand, PROPOSAL OPPOSAL: Groups against PBGC Premium Increase, SURVEY SAYS: How Do You Use Your iPod?

NewsDash – November 11, 2011 

MANNERS MINDED: Employees Say Manners Important to Career Success, HSA ACCOUNT: Employees Cite Benefits of HSAs, MISSED COMMUNICATIONS: Employees Miss Benefit Education Offerings, STOCK PUTT: Investors Chuck $18B in U.S. Stock Holdings in October, EXPOSURE DISCLOSURE: PBGC Exposure Report Reveals More Deficits, BUGGED OUT: Man Robs Bank in Exterminator Getup

NewsDash – November 10, 2011 

TAX CUTS: Tax Change Proposals Could Result in Lower 401(k) Balances, POLICY CHANGE: PwC Webcast Reveals Ways to Change OPEB Policies, SECURITY PREMISE: Would Social Security Reform Benefit Young Workers?, RENEWED STATES: Nationwide Renews Deferred Comp Contracts, FIXED RATES: Fixed Income Rates of Return Top Worry for Some Investors, MIXED MOTIONS: Court Issues Mixed Opinion on Health Reform Law

NewsDash – November 9, 2011 

CURRENT SEE: Women More Concerned with Current Bills than Retirement Savings, DST MATE: DST and Wealth Management Systems Form Alliance, FIXED WEIGHTED: 401(k) Participants Stay Focused on Fixed Income Investments, DISTRESSED DEBT: Town Considers Tax to Help Distressed Pension, TECHNO BEAT: Investors Should Consider European Technology Firms

NewsDash – November 8, 2011 

UNDERSTAND “ABLE”: Survey Finds Most Participants Get, Like TDFs, DISTRIBUTION OPTION: Lincoln Forms Alliance with Primerica, PRODUCT PICKS: Smart401k Introduces À La Carte Service Options, MANY HAPPY RETURNS: Investment Gains Fuel October Pension Funded Status Improvement, HEAD OF THE CLASS: EBSA Announces Leadership Appointments, SEARS CATALOGUED: Sears to Pay $100K in EEOC Suit

NewsDash – November 7, 2011 

PRINTER JAM: R.R. Donnelly Freezes Pension, VARIETY SHOW: 99% of Employers Offer Retirement Plan, BUDGET CUT: SC Budget Board Cuts State Worker Benefits, BONDS MAN: Fidelity Names President of Bond Group

NewsDash – November 4, 2011 

PLUS SIGNS: Positive Savings Actions Indicate Economic Improvement, ALTERNATE ROUTE: Employers Increasingly Turn to Alternative Workplaces, OPTIMAL SOLUTION: Provider Rolls out Plan Design Optimization Solution, DEBT REDUCTION: S&P 1500 Pension Deficit Improves, METS SET: NY Mets Owners Settle in Madoff Suit, PAY BACK: MEWA Employer Must Restore Offset Contributions

NewsDash – November 3, 2011 

ME TIME: Financial Actions not Top New Year’s Resolutions Cited, TECH SUPPORT: Young Adults Prefer Technology Freedom, RISK ADJUSTMENTS: BNY Mellon Enhances Risk Reporting, EXTEND ABLE: Lincoln Extends Solution to Small and Mid-Sized Plans, CONFUSION SAY: Americans Overwhelmed about Retirement Planning, PUBLIC OFFERING: UK Ministers Give Way on Public Pensions Agreement

NewsDash – November 2, 2011 

TUITION “REIMBURSEMENT”: Tuition Help Creates More Productive Workers, GENDER GAP: Employees Say Employers Prefer Males, UNDER PERFORMING: Business Leaders Unhappy with Employee Performance, “LIFE” BENEFIT: SunLife Launches VA and Living Benefit, EMERGING MERGE: FTSE DBI Index Series to Include Emerging Markets, CONTENT “MEANT”: Content of Employer E-mail Could Show Bias: Court

NewsDash – November 1, 2011 

EXCHANGE “ABILITY”: Q&A about Health Insurance Exchange Eligibility, FRIEND “ED”: Gen Y Looks to Friends, Family for Benefits Information, COMPLIANCE “ALERT”: Schwab Acquires Compliance Solution Provider, QUARTER “BACK”: Institutional Investors End Positive Streak in Q3, INTERNATIONAL FLAVOR: Vanguard Introduces International Bond Offerings, COMPARE “ABLE”: Court Takes Issue with Comparison in Kraft Case

NewsDash – October 31, 2011 

THANKS GIVING: Some Parting Thoughts, ‘SECURITY “BLANKET”: Social Security Top Retiree Income Source, MATTERS “HORN”: Benefits Matter More Than Ever to Workers, “OFFICE” PACE: Most Mobile Workers Still Come to Office, FAITH “FULL”?: Participants Showing Savings Resilience, ‘HANDS SUM: Personal Responsibility for Retirement Looms Larger, HYBRID “VEHICLES”: PBGC Weighs in on Hybrid Plan Terminations

NewsDash – October 28, 2011 

FRIGHT “CITE”: What are the Scariest Professions?, HYBRID BID?: Brown Proposes Hybrid Pensions for California, “DISS” LOYAL?: Survey Finds Employee Loyalty Dropping Worldwide, ‘FLEX “MIX”: Pru Adds T. Rowe, Vanguard to IncomeFlex Mix, “JUMP” START?: Mercer Says DB Contributions Set to Spike, ‘ACTION “PACT”: EBSA Shares SEC No-Action Letter on Fee Disclosure

NewsDash – October 27, 2011 

DOMESTIC “DISPUTE”: School District Settles in Domestic Partner Dispute, PAY “RAYS?”: 2012 Pay Projections Tilt (Slightly) Higher, ACCELERATOR “PEDDLE?”: Mercer Rolls Out Multinational Wellness Program, INSIDER “INFORMATION”: Gupta Surrenders in Galleon Insider Investigation, UNION “LABELS”: DoL Finalizes New Rules on Union Disclosures, SETTLE METTLE: Wachovia Settles Stock Drop Suit, SURVEY SAYS: Is Litigation Prompting Plan Design Change?

NewsDash – October 26, 2011 

LESSENED, LEARNED? “Learning” from Litigation, DIVERSITY ‘BIO’: HR Takes Lead on Diversity Efforts, STRESS ‘TOUT’: Workers Claim Too Stressed to be Effective, FINANCIAL MEASURES: Invesco Announces New Financial Sector Indexes, ‘COMPENSATION’ INCREASE: Aon Hewitt Expands Executive Comp Biz, SOVEREIGN ‘REIN’: Firms Try to Rein in Sovereign Wealth Fund Investors, ‘EXTREME’ MAKEOVER?: Sovereign Default Surges in Extreme Risk Ranking, ‘BULK’ PURCHASE: Hurting Pension Scheme Enters Bulk Annuity Contract

NewsDash – October 25, 2011 

NOTICE “SAYS”: Are You Ready With PPACA Annual Notices?, EXCUSE RUSES?: The Weirdest Absence Excuses, GLOOMY GUESS?: One-in-Five Plan to Retire Before 65, JOINED “VENTURE”: Cafaro Joins Fiduciary Benchmarks, MESIROW “ABLED”: Transamerica Rolls Out 3(21) Fiduciary Service, DEBIT CREDITS: PenChecks Unveils Distribution Debit Card, ADVICE “PRICE”: EBSA Issues Final Advice Regulation

NewsDash – October 24, 2011 

“SINGLE” MINDED: Talk About Your Bad 401(k) Loans…, “DEDUCTION” REASONING?: Should We Pay People to Save?, “LINKED” IN: The Tie Between Employment and Health Coverage, “COLLAGE” EDUCATION: Higher Ed Sponsors Concerned About Fiduciary, BUCKEYE “STATE”: Ohio STRS Sees Gains, But Funding Gap Widens, “GROWING” CONCERNS: More Institutional Investors See Slowing, SHIFT DRIFT: The Impact of Amara

NewsDash – October 22, 2011 

IRS Announces 2012 Contribution and Benefit Limits

NewsDash – October 21, 2011 

“K” RATIONS?: IRS Announces Contribution, Benefit Limits for 2012, CALL “SIGNS”: More Call in Sick During Winter Holidays, PAY “PULL”: Pay for Performance to Play Important Role in 2012, ‘COUNTY “LINES”: OCERS Makes Actuarial Assumption Changes, “TELL” TALE: SDCERA Whistleblower Fired, OPT “SHUN”: NAPF Says 3 Million Might Opt Out of Auto-Enrollment

NewsDash – October 20, 2011 

“COLA” SIGNS?: First COLA in Two Years for Social Security, WEEKS’ WORTH: Length of Health Care Enrollment Period Matters, MATCH “POINTS”: Most Move to Restore Company Match, “NEVER” LAND?: One-in-Five Say They’ll Never Retire, REALIGN MIEN: Marcks Discusses Pru Retirement Shifts, CONSIDER “RING?”: How to Select a 3(38) Investment Manager, “AFFIRMATIVE” ACTION: Appellate Court Rebuffs Company Stock Suit, SURVEY SAYS: Does Occupy Wall Street Speak for You?

NewsDash – October 19, 2011 

CATCHING YOUR “DRIFT”: IMHO: Keeping Your Retirement Plan on Track, “SHORT” COMINGS?: Study Says Government Pensions Will Fall Short, “AUTO” MOBILE?: Diversified Tracks Auto Enrollment Trends, “TABLE” TALK: FINRA Talks Up Employer Match, OCTOBER “SUPPLIES”: DailyAccess Teams with October Three on Cash Balance, “EXCHANGE” TRADED?: More Firms Using ETFs During Transitions

NewsDash – October 18, 2011 

REVIEW VIEWS: External Reviews: To Delegate or Not Delegate?, “CHRONIC” CONDITIONS: The Costs of Unhealthy Workers, “POST” OFFICES: Judge Orders Facebook Posters Reinstated, PRU MOVES: Prudential Retirement Reorganizes, “WIDE OPEN” SPACES: The Impact of Unconstrained Bond Portfolios, “MOVING” TARGETS: Vanguard Makes Target-Date Family Shifts

NewsDash – October 17, 2011 

“WRONG” WAYS: 10 Things You’re (Probably Still) Doing Wrong, PERA “SCOPE?”: CPERA Pushes Back on Participant Disclosure, “STANDARDS” BEARING: The Varied Impact of IAS 19, “MULTIPLE” CHOICES: Five Things You Need to Know About MEPs, HIRE “POWERS: Are You Ready to Hire a 3(38) Fiduciary?, NAME DROPPERS: English Names Fare Better in Canada, ATTORNEY “PRIVILEGES?”: How Far Does Attorney-Client Extend?

NewsDash – October 16, 2011 

U.S. Pension Risk Transfer Database Launched, Public Sector Prefers DB, DB Plans Important in Achieving Retirement Income Adequacy, Pension Funding Levels at Post-WWII Low, Milliman Reports Record Pension Funding Drop, PBGC Offers Relief to DB Plan Sponsors, Obama Proposes PBGC Premium Hikes, Top Global Pension Funds’ Assets Reach Record High in 2010, Canadians Show Confidence in Pension Plans

NewsDash – October 14, 2011 

COLLEGE “INTUITIONS”: College Savings Trumps Retirement, OWNER “SHIFTS”: EBRI Finds Plan Participation Levels Off, LOSE “LIPS?”: Market Turmoil Makes its Mark on Investor Confidence, 6 “PACK”: John Hancock Creates New R Class Series, VALUE, ADDED: FPA Launches International Value Strategy Offering, FRIENDLY’S “FIRE”: PBGC Bristles at Friendly’s Pension Dump, HYBRID “PLANS”: IRS Postpones Hybrid Plan Crediting Rate Rules

NewsDash – October 13, 2011 

GIFT “TACTS”: The Impact of Business Gifts, FREEZE, TRIED: Crain Communications Freezes DB Plan, POURED “BUOY”: ETF Flows Surge in September, “HOLIDAY” ROAD: Holiday Trumps Retirement Savings, CLARK “BAR”: DoL Seeks Retirement Plan Recovery, SURVEY SAYS: Would You Like Your Boss’ Job?

NewsDash – October 12, 2011 

THE IKEA “EXPERIENCE”: The Put-it-Together-For-Yourself System, “FLAT” STATS: Participation Rate Steadies in 2010, “LOOKING” CLASS: Most Workers Unengaged, but Few “Looking”, ‘PARTY “FLAVOR”: Mutual of Omaha Enhances TPA Platform, PULSE TAKE: Asian Institutions Focused on Risk, Opportunity, “HOLDING” PATTERNS: More than a Third of Brits Have Stopped Saving

NewsDash – October 11, 2011 

CREDIT “CALL”: More Questions About the Employer Mandate Penalty, RACE “TRACKS”: Vanguard Finds Disparate Auto Enroll Impacts, BAT, BUOYED?”: Workers Feel Backed by Boss, IMPACT “ED”: Most Expecting More Hours from Workers, JOB WON?: Most Have No Interest in the Boss’ Job, SHORT SAIL?: Man Launches Long Short Fund

NewsDash – October 10, 2011 

CONSUMERS’ REPORT: Most Say They’re Good Health Care Consumers, “CHOICE” VOICE: ASPPA Paper Links 403(b) Choice, Participation, “AFTER” WORDS: Many Retirees Leaving Retirement Assets Behind, LANGUAGE “BARRIERS”: Words Get in the Way of Retirement Savings, WAIT, LISTED: Brown Signs One Pension Bill, Vetoes Another in California, DROPPED “BOX”?: Milliman Reports Record Pension Funding Drop, “BALANCED” BUDGING: Vanguard Says Balanced Approach Holds Up, STRESSED “OUT?”: Stress Tops Workplace Absence List, HOME “RUNG”: HOME Act Eases 401(k) Access for Mortgage Payments

NewsDash – October 7, 2011 

“AVERAGE” BEARING: States Ranked by Average Per Worker Health Care Cost, CENTER STAGED: Fidelity Launches Retirement Distributions Center, ‘STREET “SWEEP?”: State Street Execs Depart Amidst Trading Cost Challenge, STRESS “TOUT?”: Actuaries Examine Pension Contribution Trends, ‘ROCK “QUARRIES?”: BlackRock Launches Three Alternative Mutual Funds, “EASING” STREAK: Cautions on Pension Impact of Quantitative Easing

NewsDash – October 6, 2011 

CHANGE “PARSE?”: Entitlements, Gas Prices Top Economic Impact List, “CAT” SCAM?: The Truth About Fat Cats and Social Security, FUND “ED”: Funds Most Offered by 401(k) Plans, CIVIL “UNION?”: US, NY, Sue BNY Mellon, INVESTIGATIVE “REPORT”: BNY Mellon Targeted by ERISA Investigation, ABSOLUTE “PROOF?”: INTECH Launches Absolute Volatility Strategies Suite, POSTED NOTE: NLRB Pushes Back Notice Posting Date, SURVEY SAYS: What’s Your “Favorite” Workplace Peeve?

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NewsDash – October 5, 2011 

“NIGH” FIVE: Five (More) Trends to Watch, “FACE” TIME: NLRB Backs Employer in Facebook Firing Case, AUSTIN “POWERED”: T. Rowe Taps Austin to Lead Fixed Income Group, FELL “SWOOP?”: Pension Funding Falls Sharply in Q3, ECONOMIC “CULL?”: Insights on the European Mutual Fund Landscape, DYNAMIC DOINGS: Putnam Launches Dynamic Risk Allocation Fund

NewsDash – October 4, 2011 

“DISCOVERY” CHANNELED?: New Trends Driving Better Savings Behavior, ‘CARE BEARERS: Health Care Costs Projected to Rise in 2012, INDOLENT CIRCUMSTANCES: Employer Sued for Non-Hispanic Hiring Bias, ‘DUTY “BOUND”: ADP Adds Mesirow Fiduciary Services, FACE “BOOKED?”: Partnership Builds Job Prospects via Social Media, TARGET RANGES: Casey Quirk Cites Strong Prospects for TDFs

NewsDash – October 3, 2011 

EXPENSE “ACCOUNT”: Employer Sued for Failing to Reimburse Expenses, FAST TENSE: Index Benchmarks Now Matter Even More, CLOSING COSTS: The Move from DB to DC, INDEX ORIENTED: Vanguard LifeStrategy Makes Passive Shift, “SELF” STARTER: ASPPA Lobbies for Self-Correction of Late Deposits, COLOR “CODED?”: Is Your Workspace Uninspiring?

NewsDash – September 30, 2011 

EUROPEAN VOCATION? Time’s Running Out to Register!, CHOICE “VOICE”. Study Says Public Sector Prefers DB, WELL “SPRING”: About Half Enroll in Wellness Programs, CARRIER “GROUP”: Guardian Expands EnrollWorks Range, “HIGHER” GROUNDS: Ameriprise Participants Bring 401(k) Fee Suit, LINKED LETTERS: Workplace Pet Peeves Around the World

NewsDash – September 29, 2011 

“TECH” TONIC: More Using Technology for Investment Insights, COFFEE “CLUTCHED?”: Many Still Need That Cup of Joe to “Go”, WEB “MD”: DST Deploys New Web Strategy, TRANSITION TEAM: Northern Adds Two to Transition Management Team, WANT ADD: Ohio 457 Plan Seeking Consultant, ‘INCOME OUTCOME: Advisers Eyeing Retirement Income Offerings, SURVEY SAYS: Are You Satisfied With Your Health Care Plan?

NewsDash – September 28, 2011 

“BETTER” BUSINESS: What We Should Expect From ERISA Fiduciaries, HEALTH CARES?: Most Like Their Health Care, But…, “DOUBLE” UP?: Survey Says SRI Options in DC Plans Could Double, PREDICT “SHUNS?”: Court Backs Ratings Agencies in Pension Suit, “SAY” SOES: Study Looks at Say-on-Pay Vote Motivations, “CUT” RATES: Vanguard Cuts Costs on Six Index Funds

NewsDash – September 27, 2011 

PENALTY BLOCKS?: More About the PPACA Premium Tax Credit, HIGHER, POWERED: Median Balance Growth Outpaces Market, OPEB DOORS: Public Sector Looking to Cut Health Care Costs, ACO “LIKES”: Employers Probing ACO Options, RISING TIED?: Most Participants Riding Out Rough Markets, MEDIA MATTERS: Fitch Tracks Impact of Media Pensions, FAVORED NATIONS?: Proprietary Fund Challenge Tossed

NewsDash – September 26, 2011 

OPEN, “UP”: Nominations Open: Plan Sponsors of the Year, BASIS “POINTS”: Study Suggests Help Matters More in Volatile Markets, “X” FACTORS: Is Gen X Overlooked?, ALL “INSPIRED?”: CEOs Think Workers Are “Inspired”, But… , LEADER SHIFTS: BofA Rolls Out Change in Retirement Units, “FINED” LINES: CalPERS Staff Fined For Unreported Gifts, SEVENTH “CIRCUIT”: Another Plan Sponsor Win on Revenue-Sharing

NewsDash – September 25, 2011 

“TECH” TONIC: More Using Technology for Investment Insights, COFFEE “CLUTCHED?”: Many Still Need That Cup of Joe to “Go”, WEB “MD”: DST Deploys New Web Strategy, TRANSITION TEAM: Northern Adds Two to Transition Management Team, WANT ADD: Ohio 457 Plan Seeking Consultant, ‘INCOME OUTCOME: Advisers Eyeing Retirement Income Offerings, SURVEY SAYS: Are You Satisfied With Your Health Care Plan?

NewsDash – September 23, 2011 

BIRTH “CONTROLLED?”: Does Birth Order Influence Career Path?, PACE CARES: HR Worried About Keeping Up, EXCHANGE RATED: Morningstar Expands ETF Rankings, Research, CODE “READ?”: SEC Charges Quant Manager with Fraud, EXTENSION LETTERS: GASB Extends Pension Comment Deadline, CLASS ACTS: Nonprofits Adding New Asset Classes, BILL KI.LL?: Bill Proposes to Do Away With Dollar Bills

NewsDash – September 22, 2011 

SLOWER GROW: Mercer Finds Slower Growth in Health Care Costs, FLU “SYMPTOMS”: Flu Outages Take Toll on Work, LDI EYED?: Liability-Driven Investment Still on Pension Radar, “MUCH” ADO?: Diverse Opinions on How Much to Save, CEE “PRESSURES”: Political Pressures Press Pensions in CEE, “CHURCH” SERVICES: New Procedure for Church Plan Determination, SURVEY SAYS: What is the Most Annoying Workplace Buzzword?

NewsDash – September 21, 2011 

“MYTHS” UNDERSTANDING: Not-So-Common Retirement Plan Wisdom, ‘BASED “MIEN”: Performance-Based Pay Still Popular, “POWER” FAILURE?: Study Says Powerful Don’t Listen, “ILL” WILLS: Most Come to Work Sick, LDI WHYS: What to Consider in LDI, COUNTRY STRINGS: FTSE Unveils Country Classifications, PREMIUM PLAN: PBGC Premium Hikes Now on the Table

NewsDash – September 20, 2011 

PENALTY “CLAWS?”: The PPACA’s Employer Pay to Play Penalty, WORKING “OUTS”: The Retirement System – What We Think We Know, “POST” SCRIPT: NFIB Files Suit Over Notice Posting Rule, LIMIT “ED”: Workers Underutilizing FSAs, PERA “SCOPE?” Colorado Treasurer Sues for Pension Data, ROLE “CALL”: EBSA Will Re-propose Fiduciary Definition

NewsDash – September 19, 2011 

TAXI “TAB”: Transgen.der Cabbie Wins Discrimination Award, “FIRING” LINES. OSHA Orders Fine, Reinstatement in Whistleblower Case, BUNDLED “UP”: Vanguard Teams with Ascensus on Small Plan Offering, “SPLIT” DECISIONS: Gundlach Wins One, Loses One in Jury Trial, “UNDER” GROWTH: Australian Retirement Funds Up 10.2% in 2010, “FRANK” DISCUSSION: Frank Asks DoL to Back Off on Fiduciary Proposal, “RETURN” ENGAGEMENT : Mandatory Workplace IRA Bill Returns, UNEMPLOYMENT “RATE”: Jobs Bill Targets Unemployment Discrimination

NewsDash – September 16, 2011 

HOME WORK?: Tracking Telecommuter Productivity, CHIP “SHOT?”: Diabetic Terminated for Eating at Work, BRIEF “CASE”: Report Says Benefits Close Public, Private Wage Gap, PERSPECTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Advisers Weigh in on Best Service, “RUN” RATE: Survey Says Most Have Never Run Retirement Projection, EKE “SPOT”: Callan DC Index Ekes Out Small Gain in Q2, EXTENSION CHORD: 5500 Extensions for Plans Impacted by Irene, “ENDED” MIND: Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Retirement

NewsDash – September 15, 2011 

PAY, BACK?: Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?, LEVELING UP?: Talent Management Tops Global Leveling List, “REMOTE” CONTROLLERS? CFOs See More Teleworking, ‘TRACK “FIELD”: Transamerica Launches New Retirement Tool, “ORDINARY” PE.EPHOLE: Vanguard: No Big Change in August Volatility, DOUBLED OVER: Fund Outflows Nearly Double in August, ‘PHONE “CALL”: IRS Issues Guidance on Employer Cell Phones

NewsDash – September 14, 2011 

“THROUGH” WAYS: Blackrock’s Doll Finds Silver Linings, “WORRY” WARTS?: The Commoditization of the Retirement Adviser, SINGLE “BEST?” Marrieds Thinks Retirement Planning Better for Singles, “SMALL” TALK: Meeting the Challenges of Smaller Retirement Plans, MISTAKES “PRONE?”: Most Workers Make Mistakes in Plan Choices, “B” SCHOOL: The Evolution of Retirement Investment Menus, INFRA “READ”: CalPERS Earmarks More for Infrastructure Play, BRAND “HUE”: Study Says Few DC Managers Ready to Grow Market, “AFFORDABLE” CARES: Treasury, IRS Seek Comments on Affordability

NewsDash – September 13, 2011 

MONEY “TRAIL”?: A Seven-Year “Itch?”, COLA “DAZED?” Pensions Make Cost of Living “Adjustments”, HOSPITAL “ROOM?” Health Care Spend Higher for Hospital Workers, SUE “FALLS?”: Litigation Pitfalls to Avoid, ‘THUMB “TACT”: Russell Rolls Out Savings Rate Targeter, CONSULTING “GIGS”: PLANSPONSOR’s Annual Consultant Buyer’s Guide, HALF, WEIGHED: Court Finds No Cutback Violation in Benefit Reduction

NewsDash – September 12, 2011 

NURSES’ STATIONS: Nurses Confident About Jobs, Not Retirement, FLEX MIX: Nationwide Unveils New Adviser-Centric Offering, GROWTH PATTERNS: Finding Growth Stock Opportunities, FOOD “CHAIN”: PSCA Rolls Out 401(k) Day Menu, SPIKE LEADS?: CalSTRS Opens Pension Abuse Hotline, “SOCIAL” STANDINGS: Struggling With Social Media at Work?, “DIRECTED” VERDICT: Appellate Court Upholds Revenue-Sharing Ruling

NewsDash – September 9, 2011 

GUIDE POST: Calling 403(b) Plan Providers!, NEVER FORGET: Thinking Back on September 11, HEALTHCARE “COVERAGE”: 403(b) Plan Participation Slightly Lags 401(k), FOCUS “GROUP”: ING Pulls Together Public Employer Resources, ROLLOVER “ACCOUNT”: What Influences Rollover Provider Choices, “ACTING” CLASS: Court Backs ERISA Fiduciary Claims

NewsDash – September 8, 2011 

ADDED ATTRACTIONS: More Plans Adopting Saving-Friendly Features, METRICS SYSTEM: M&I Rolls Out Interactive Metrics Measurement Tool, DATA MINDING: Spark Publishes Participant Disclosure Data Formats, CONFUSE “SHUNS”: Sponsors That Understand Service Structures More Satisfied, STATUS REPORT: Average Pension’s Funded Status Falls, ‘CAST “CALL”: EBSA Offers Webcast on Participant Fee Disclosure, SURVEY SAYS: Did You Take a Summer Vacation?

NewsDash – September 7, 2011 

FOUR “GONE”: Utah Drops Four-Day Work Week, PEER PRESSURES?: The Impact of Peer Information on Retirement Savings, CONNECT “ED?”: Gen Y No More Connected Than Elders, ‘PARITY “CLARITY?”: Asset Owners “Get” Risk Parity, “UNDER” GROWTH: Australian Institutional Funds Surge in 2010, INFLICT “SHUN?”: Court Stays Out of Workplace Conflict

NewsDash – September 6, 2011 

BEST FOR SUCCESS: Nominate the Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year!, SUMMARY JUDGMENTS?: The Summary of Benefits and Coverage, “POSITIVE” REINFORCEMENTS: More Taking Positive Savings Actions, ENTREPRENEURIAL ESPIRIT? Most Workers Want to be Entrepreneurs, “B” PLANS: What’s Ahead for 403(b) Plans?, FAQ “CHECK?”: EBSA FAQ Says COBRA Subsidy Could Run Past 08/31, VACATION VOCATIONS?: Only a Third Took Summer Vacation This Year

NewsDash – September 2, 2011 

STRESS “TOUT”: Job-Related Stress Bumps Health Care Costs, PAY “GRADE”: Slight Uptick Projected for 2012 Base Pay, HIRES UP?: Internet Job Postings Send Good Signals, WORRY FLURRY: Benefit Cut Concerns Top Job Worries, ABSENCE MINDED?: Most Don’t Track Indirect Costs of Absences, SPEND “DRIFT”: Larger Employers Planning to Spend More on Pensions

NewsDash – September 1, 2011 

SICK “FLAGS?”: How to Keep Workers from Playing Hooky, “C” SWEET?: CEO, CFO Pay Gap Widens, “SOCIAL” STANDINGS: Social Media Creates New Issues for Employers, “DEFINED” LINES: DB Plans Play Big Role in Retirement Income Adequacy, SOP “STORIES?”: Modest Impact from Say-on-Pay Measures, STICKING POINTS: Most Who Are In Target-Date Funds Stay There, SURVEY SAYS: Do You Have Unused Emergency Gear?

NewsDash – August 31, 2011 

HEAVEN “METTLE?”: What Happens to Benefits at the Rapture?, “RIGHT”, MINDED?: The GOP’s Issues With the 401(k) System, MILA “MARKER”: S&P Indices Launches MILA 40, “MULTIPLE” CHOICES: 401kDIRECT, Summit Trust Team on MEP Offering, DISASTER BELIEFS: Biz Owners not Worried About Disaster Impact, GREEK “STEW”: Greek Unions Brace for COLA Battle

NewsDash – August 30, 2011 

WAIVER “RING”: What’s the Latest on PPACA’s Waivers?, MESIROW “ABLE”: Transamerica to Roll Out 3(21) Fiduciary Service, LAWYERING “UP”: Nationwide Launches Online Regulatory Resource, APPOINTMENTS ‘CAUSE’: Pension Funds Take on Fannie Mae Conservator, “MINIMALLY” INVASIVE?: Tibble Plaintiffs Not Entitled to Attorney’s Fees, EXTENSION CHORD: Rollover Period Waived for Badly Advised Participants

NewsDash – August 29, 2011 

HURRICANE FORCES: Too Late to Prepare?, REVIEW VIEWS: 403(b)s Enter Review Period, “OFF” ROADS: More Firms Embrace PTO, SCREEN DOERS: Few Employers Screening with Social Networks, “HEARD” MENTALITY: The Best Managers You Never Heard of – Yet, “CONSERVATIVE” VALUES: Selecting a Stable Value Fund

NewsDash – August 26, 2011 

REWARDS “HONE”: Most Not Integrating Health Benefits in Rewards, FITCH “HITCH?”: Fitch Casts Wary Eye on Pension Contribution Levels, MORE, FOR LESS?: More Pensions Invest Less in Alternatives, “OUT” PLACEMENTS: Investors Flee Stock, Bond Funds in July: FRC, BREAK STANCES: Most Still Finding Time for Lunch Break in UK, DUMP “STIR?”: Dumpster Diving Worker Denied Unemployment

NewsDash – August 25, 2011 

“CHECKING” ACCOUNT: Things to Do During Volatile Markets, LIVING “ROOM”: The Problems with Living Longer, “MULTIPLE” CHOICES?: Is an MEP Right for You?, GROWTH PATTERNS: What’s Going on With Growth Stocks?, “DESIGNATED” DRIVERS: Spouse Trumps Beneficiary Designation, “COVERED” CALLS?: Are You Ready for 408(b)(2)?, SURVEY SAYS: Have You Had a Summer Vacation?

NewsDash – August 24, 2011 

FRESHMEN’S “ORIENTATION?”: What’s on the Mind of the Class of 2015, EATING “DISORDER?”: Concerns About Desktop Dining, PROXY “CITE”: Institutional Investors Press SEC on Proxy Rule, PROFIT “LOSS?”: Must Pensions Seek Profit at Any Cost, ‘LIFE TIMED?: Settlement Approved in Retiree Benefit Case, PROOF “STATEMENTS”: Summary Judgement Denied in Cash Balance Case

NewsDash – August 23, 2011 

“NEXT” TEXT: Planning for the Next Wave of PPACA Impacts, RIF “WRATH?”: 3M Settles RIF-Related Age Discrimination Suit, PAY “CHECK”: Mercer Sees Moderate Pay Increases in 2012, TRENDING TOPICS: Three Transforming Trends in Benefits, BUYOUT DEGRADABLE?: Pension Buyout Prices Stable: Mercer, FRAUD “STIR?”: KPMG Paints Picture of Typical Fraudster, PENALTY “TACTS”: Tax Court Backs Penalty on Deemed Distribution

NewsDash – August 22, 2011 

GUIDE “POST”: Our Updated 403(b) Buyer’s Guide, SWIMMING “SUIT”: Lifeguard Fired for Refusing to Wear Speedo, “VALUE”, ADDED: Vendor Value Index Targets Fee, Performance, “TACTICAL” ADVANTAGES: Transamerica Launches Tactical Income Fund, “OFF” ROAD: Off Peak, But ETF Flows Notch Another Positive Month

NewsDash – August 19, 2011 

MALE “MODAL”: EEOC Suit Claims Male Worker Was Haras.sed , EI, OH?: Survey Finds Hiring Interest in Emotional Intelligence , SHARE “CLASS”: Employers Looking to Share More Costs with Workers, STAYING POWER?: 401(k) Investors that Stayed the Course Fared Well, INFLUENCE SHELL?: Cerulli Says TPAs Influence 30% of 401(k) Assets, TIPS “TOP?”: More DC Sponsors Eyeing TIPS

NewsDash – August 18, 2011 

DECISION “POINTS”: Digging in on a New Fiduciary Definition, ANXIETY “ATTACH?”: Emotional Issues Weighing on Wellness Initiatives, CITY “SCRAPES?”: Report Identifies World’s Most Expensive Cities, “MULTIPLE” CHOICE: Newkirk Launches 403(b) Participant Fee Disclosure, ‘(k)’ “RATION?”: Report Says 401(k)s Focus of Most Stock Drop Suits, DEFAULT “ED”: Report Finds Room for Improvement with QDIAs, RETAIL TALE: ICI Weighs in on Revenue-Sharing Case, SURVEY SAYS: Participants Holding You Back on Retirement Income?

NewsDash – August 17, 2011 

“G” WHIZ?: TSP Participants Flock to Safety, “REDUCED” DEDUCED: Pension Losses Leave Workers Working, “NICE” GUISE?: Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last , “ADVERSE” REACTION: IRIC Says Retirement Income Concerns Overstated, VARY “ABLE”: Principal Launches LDI 2.0, EUROPE “PAEAN?”: Cerulli Sees Big DC Moves in Europe

NewsDash – August 16, 2011 

“PREVENTATIVE” MAINTENANCE?: New Preventative Care Requirements, HOME “STEAD”: Study Finds Telecommuters More Ethical, BROKER DEALINGS: Benefits Brokers See Growth Potential, EMERGING MARKET: CalPERS Opens New Emerging R/E Manager Program, INDEX “ZING?”: S&P Report Touts Advantages of Index Funds in DC Plans, “MEANINGFUL” DIFFERENCES: Comp Case Turns on Meaningful Return

NewsDash – August 15, 2011 

EXPERIENCE WANTED: Experience Trumps Education in Career, “SHOP” TALK: HHS Outlines Rules for Small Biz Exchange Participation, HANDLING “CHARGES”: Virginia, Florida Pensions Sue BNYMellon Over FX, STRS UP: Ohio STRS Racks Up Best Performance Since 1983, REDEEMING “QUANTITIES”: Mutual Funds Feel Big Outflows in July, CONSITUTION “NULLED”: Appellate Court Nixes Individual Mandate

NewsDash – August 12, 2011 

BENEFIT SHIFTS: Employers Rethinking Voluntary Benefits, COST “CURVE?”: HCR Seen Increasing Health Care Access, Costs, “DIAL” TONES: A “To” Versus “Through” TDF Perspective, BEYOND COMPARE?: GWRS Rolls Out Fee Disclosure Template, HEAT SEEKER: DoL App Turns Up Heat on Heat-Related Ills, “READY” MATE: SunTrust Adds Retirement Readiness Reports, AGE GNOSTIC?: Early Retirement Program Violates ADEA: Court

NewsDash – August 11, 2011 

TEST “PATTERNS”: What Makes a Reasonable Fee Reasonable?, GLIDE GUIDE: Five Things to Know About Your TDF Glide Path, CATALYST “CONVERTER?”: Study Says Target-Date Funds Reshaping DCIO, THINKING “CAPS?”: Tracking Motivations in Alternative Investments, DUTCH OMENS?: Netherlands’ ABP Cautions on Market Impact, INDIRECT EFFECTS: Connecticut Town Loses Madoff Appeal, SURVEY SAYS: What is Your Take on Retirement Trends?

NewsDash – August 10, 2011 

SAVINGS “ACCOUNT”: ICI Says Most Kept Saving in Q1, SICK, SENSED?: A Tale of Unexplained Outages, TRENDS “SETTING”: Retirement Income, Advice and Disclosure, “TARGET” PRACTICES: Report Sees Trouble Ahead for TDFs, SIX “PACKED?”: Markets Deal Blow to Pension Funding, “BETTER” BUSINESS: Experts See Better Plan Designs Ahead

NewsDash – August 9, 2011 

EXCHANGE CHANGES: The Latest on Insurance Exchanges, HEARING, NOW.” PLANSPONSOR National Conference Audio, “WRONG” WAYS: 10 Things You’re (Probably Still) Doing Wrong, FIFTH “AVENUES”: Five Trends for the Next Five Years, “FREEDOM” TRAIL: Affluent Investors Shifting Retirement Focus, CASH, COWED?: MFS Survey Finds Investors Moving to Cash, MOENCH ADIEU?: Court Rejects Prudence Presumption in State Street Suit

NewsDash – August 8, 2011 

ROLLED “OVER”: SF Drops HRA Rollover Measure, CONNECTICUT “POST”: CT Pension Posts Best Return in 23 Years, TEACHERS’ “APPRECIATION”: Illinois TRS Pension Up 24%, ‘WEIGHT, LISTED: Rydex Rolls out Two New Equal Weight ETFs, AWARD “WINNING”: Cash Balance Attorneys Win Bigger Award, “INJURY” PRONE?: Appellate Court Rejects HCR Challenger’s Standing

NewsDash – August 5, 2011 

SAVINGS “GRACES”: Creating Better Savers, MENU “DRIVEN”: Building a Better Retirement Plan Menu, HIGH FIVE: Five Things You Should Know About Being a Fiduciary, COMMITTEED RELATIONSHIPS: Managing Your Investment Committee, “THROUGH” WAYS?: The “To” Versus “Through” TDF Debate, ‘SUIT CASES: Litigation Trends that Should be Keeping You Up at Night, “NEW” ATTITUDES?: The New Fiduciary

NewsDash – August 4, 2011 

“K” RATIONS?: Flight Attendants Union Takes Equity Stake for Benefit Cuts, “ADDED” ATTRACTIONS: Securian Adds a Dozen Funds to Retirement Menu, AGGREGATE “ED?”: S&P 1500 Sees Pension Funding Gap Widen, “BULLY” PULPIT: Aussie Official Takes on Workplace Age Bias, BURDEN “SUMS”: Group Asks for New Result in Revenue-Sharing Case, SURVEY SAYS: How Much Do Your Participants Think They Pay?

NewsDash – August 3, 2011 

“FREE” RIDE?: The Expectations of “Free”, “STILL” STANDING: EBRI Finds Boomers Working Longer, “X” FILE: Gen X Makes its Mark, FINANCE “OFFICES”: CFOs Getting More Involved in HR, ‘CEILING “FAN”: Transfers Heat Up During Debt Debate, “STARTING” POINTS: Court Orders Interest on Delayed Pensions

NewsDash – August 2, 2011 

EXTERNAL FORCES: PPACA’s External Review Requirement, HEALTH “CARES”: Small Biz Bothered By Health Care Costs, Reform, “OUT” TAKE: DCIIA Report Tracks Impact of Plan “Leakage”, DEFICIT DIP: FTSE 100 Pension Funding Gap Plummets, PREVENT SENSE: HHS: No Addl Charge for Birth Control, “SELF” IMPROVEMENTS: Bill Would Broaden Health Insurance Deductions, “DETAILED” EXPLANATION: GAO Calls for Improvement on PBGC IPS

NewsDash – August 1, 2011 

GLOBAL, “WARMING?”: PwC Finds HR Taking a Global Focus, “JUST” CAUSE?: Court Reverses Unemployment Finding on Hot Dog Case, “PARTING” THOUGHTS: Voluntary Turnover Seen Trending Higher, PLATEAUED PUT: Auto Enrollment Hits a Plateau, “MITIGATING” CIRCUMSTANCES: Mitigating Fiduciary Risks, “STEADY” STATE: Oregon PERS Holds Rate Assumption Steady, SELL “CITE”: Court Finds Fund Liquidation Violates Plan Terms

NewsDash – July 29, 2011 

“MISS?” UNDERSTANDING: Many DB Participants Don’t Understand, SUMMER “TIME?”: Workers Looking for Some Summer Perks, EASE SUITE?: Principal Launches EASE Package, MADOFF MONEY?: Madoff Trustee Gets $1 Billion Settlement, ‘PAY “STUB”: Mercer Finds Minimal Impact from Say on Pay, COMMERCE “CLAWS?: Healthcare Suit Petition Made to Supreme Court, DISCRETION AIRING: Court Backs Carpal Tunnel LTD Claim Rejection

NewsDash – July 28, 2011 

NAMING “CONVENTIONS”: LA County Holds Back Retiree Names, “BASE” LINES: Mercer Sees Base Pay Creeping Higher in 2012, NEWPORT “NEWS”: Former Clark Consulting Exec Joins Newport, “MAINSTREAM” MEDIUM?: Mercer Creates Global CIO Position, BAY “BACK?”: Massachusetts Pension Notches Best Return in 25 Years, “VEST” MEANT?: Federal Judge Backs Employer in Retiree Benefits Suit, SURVEY SAYS: How Cluttered is YOUR Desk?

NewsDash – July 27, 2011 

SAVINGS “BONDS”: Why People Save for Retirement, BUFFALO’S “BILL?”: NFL’s Bills Restore 401(k) Match, INCENTIVES “AYED”: Support Steady for Wellness Programs, MOBILE “HOME”: Principal Launches Participant Access App, MEDIUM “WELL?”: Dutch Workers Ramping Up on Social Media, SECOND “CHANCE”: Witnesses Call for Fiduciary Re-Proposal, ADVICE “ABLE”: Borzi Makes Case for New Fiduciary Definition

NewsDash – July 26, 2011 

LANGUAGE “BARRIERS?”: New Requirements for Health Care Disclosures, SAVINGS “ACCOUNT?”: Fidelity Finds HSA Owners Save More in 401(k), REWARD “ED”: Pay, Salary Increases Don’t Top Fairness Factors, PRESCIENCE “VALUES”: Pension Poll Sees More Use of Advisers, CLASS “ACT”: Vanguard Adds Six to Admiral Share Class, CIVIL, PLAY?: Airline Finds Sprite No 7-Up Substitute, GILT “RIDDEN?”: Sovereign Debt Default Could be a Pension Problem

NewsDash – July 25, 2011 

BURDEN “SUMS”: Weighing the Costs of Health Care Reform, EXAM “ROOM?”: How to Handle a 403(b) Plan Examination, STABLE, VALUED: Stable Value in the Current Market Environment, “MULTIPLE” CHOICE: Women’s Chamber of Commerce Unveils MEP, ACTUARIAL “TABLEAU?”: Maryland Appeals Court Holds Actuary Liable, “B” ATTITUDES: Most Lack a Financial “Plan B”, VOTING “BLOCK”: Court Rejects SEC’s Proxy Access Rule

NewsDash – July 22, 2011 

“MESSY” ANTIC?: Could Clutter Cost Careers?, FORMAT “ED”: SPARK Institute Unveils Fee Disclosure Formats, MOVING “PARSE”: Investment Officers Take on Transitions, GLOBAL “WARMING”: Adviser-Led Investors “Get” Global, “GANG” PLANKS?: ASPPA Cautions on Gang of Six Proposal, GRIEVE LEAVE: Senate Bill Adds Parental Bereavement to FMLA, PLUTONIC “RELATIONSHIP?”: Hubble Finds a New Moon

NewsDash – July 21, 2011 

AFTER “MATH?”: Americans Pick Risky Times to Retire, HOME, “SPUN”: Telecommuters Feel More Productive, Happier, MEETING “MINDS”: Managers Recount Top Meeting Beefs, WARRANTY “DEED”: Principal Rolls Out Fiduciary Warranty, AG “GNOSTIC?”: State AGs File Amicus Against PPACA Mandate, SHAM “SLAM” Court Rebuffs Sham Inquiry in QDRO Case, SURVEY SAYS: What About that 408(b)(2) Delay?

NewsDash – July 20, 2011 

Barcelona Bound?

NewsDash – July 19, 2011 

“CENTERED” FIELD: What Plans are Subject to the PPACA Coverage Fee?, TREND “SETTINGS”: A Record Year for the DC Business, “MUCH” ADO: Last Week’s Three Big Disclosure Announcements, LINGERING REDOUBT: Despite 2011 Surge, Past Drags Down CalSTRS, SATELLITE “DISH”: Report Tracks Trends in ETF Distribution, SAME “STUFF”: Court Rebuffs Bid for Summary Judgment in Fee Suit

NewsDash – July 18, 2011 

HARM “SWAY?”: NH Judge Won’t Block Pension Reform Bill, “FORWARD” THINKING: Transitioning to LDI, SUPPLEMENT “TELL?”: FTSE 100 Trading in Pensions for Cash, “MISSED” COMMUNICATIONS: Who Won Cigna v. Amara?, POPULAR “MECHANICS?”: Puerto Rican Bank Settles Stock Drop Suit, “STREAM” LINES: DoL Considering New Statement Disclosure

NewsDash – July 15, 2011 

“SOCIAL” STUDIES: Most Firms Lack Social Media Policy, “FACE” OFF? Dallas City Workers Cited for Too Much Facebook, “PORTAL” PARTY: Kravitz to Launch Daily Valued CB Portal, “REDEEMING” VIRTUES?: Billions Flee Mutual Funds in June, HEDGE “EDGE?”: ProShares Launches Hedge Fund Replication ETF , NORDIC “TRACK”: Nordic Pensions Navigate Stormy Seas

NewsDash – July 14, 2011 

“OUT” PATIENT?: A Far “Out” Disability Story, ROLE “CALL”: Sawyer to Lead DC Product Management at BAML, “UP” SIDE: Pension Funded Status Creeps Higher in June, “PLAY” DATE: IndexIQ Launches Emerging Markets Mid-Cap ETF, COMMODITIES “EXCHANGED”: Commodity ETFs Hit Another Bump, QUARTER “BACK”: DoL Pushes Back Date for Fee Disclosure, SURVEY SAYS: Are You Expected to Work on Vacation?

NewsDash – July 13, 2011 

“MULTIPLE” CHOICES?: More Looking at Multiple Employer Plans, CITY “SCRAPE?”: Change Afoot in Most Expensive Expat Spots, WELL “SPRINGS”: Principal Unveils New Wellness Program, BRAND, HEW?: Fiduciary Support Factors Little in Provider Choice, NIRS’ “AID”: Senate Panel Hears Testimony on Pensions, “MID” WAYS: Munder Launches Two Mid-Cap Funds

NewsDash – July 12, 2011 

“COMPARATIVE” VANTAGE: PPACA’s Comparative Effectiveness Fee, “BEYOND” SAY: Lincoln Trust Unveils Fee Disclosure Solution, CASTING “CALL”: CalPERS Seeks New Investment Vehicle, AXIS ALLIES: AXIS Platform Adds 408(b)(2) Reporting Kit, ALTERNATIVE “ENERGIES”: Pension Funds Extend Alternative Reach, “OVER” PRICED?: PwC Says UK Pensions Are Being Overfunded

NewsDash – July 11, 2011 

“STARTING” POINTS: Ways to Improve on Automatic Enrollment, TARGET PRACTICES: Insights on Target-Date Fund Designs, OPEB “DOOR?”: PwC Finds Drop in Pension Discounts, Returns, FUNDED, RAISING: Interest Rates Lift Pension Funding Status, DYNAMIC “DOING”: Pension Fund Takes Mercer De-Risking Solution, GASB “STATIONS”: GASB Makes Pension Funding Proposals

NewsDash – July 8, 2011 

EXCHANGE “RATES”: Could Exchanges Supplant Workplace Health Coverage?, ABSENTS, “MINDED”: Verizon Settles EEOC Suit on Absence Policy, ARC METINGS?: Groups Express Advance Concerns on GASB Pension Rules, TARGET “PRACTICES”: Callan Finds TDF Managers Making Changes, “CALL” SIGNS?: Could EU Impose Restrictions on DC Investments?

NewsDash – July 7, 2011 

DIFFERENT “STOKES”: Industry Differences Revealed in Plan, Participant Designs, PAY “GRADE”: Salary Increases Trending Upwards Again, “FORTY” ACT: Wells Fargo Extends Target Date Series, IT “BIT?”: CFOs Wielding More IT Influence, PRESSURES EYED?: Study Says Regulations Squeezing DC Provider Margins, MEEDER “FEEDER?”: Meeder Financial Launches Total Return Bond Fund, SURVEY SAYS: Have You Had an Unreasonable Boss?

NewsDash – July 6, 2011 

UNREASONABLE DOUBTS?: Four-in-Ten Quit over Bad Bosses, ATTRIBUTE “SHUNS?”: Halitosis Hinders Promotions, PERA “SCOPE”: Colorado PERA Consolidates with ING, “ILL” LIQUIDITY?: Asian Markets Getting Less from Mutual Funds, ‘WELFARE “PLAN”: IRS Strikes Deal With Millennium Plan, BREAK STANCE: Court OKs Aon Wage-and-Hour Settlement

NewsDash – July 5, 2011 

FINAL CALL?: Agencies Amend Claims and Appeals Regulation, “DOUBT” REDOUBT: Minnesota Court Backs Pension COLA Cuts, SICK SENSE: Philly Mayor Vetoes Sick Leave Mandate, “TRUE” BELIEVERS: The Next Generation of Target-Date Funds, “PASS” TIMES: GAO: Many Retirees Take a Pass on Retirement Income, EXPENSE “ACCOUNT”: ICI Says Average 401(k) Expense Ratio Declines, ESOP “BLOCK”: Senate Bill Seeks Fiduciary Shield for ESOP Appraisers, “MISPLACED” MODIFIER: DoL Amicus Cites Cigna in Petition

NewsDash – July 1, 2011 

EXPRESS SHUNS?: Firm Fined for Terminating Nursing Mother, GRADE “SCHOOL”: Good Grades Trump Savings, “MINIMUM” WAGED?: Employers Shifting More Health Costs to Workers, “SHORTFALL” CALL: Call for a Broader Focus on Transition Success, “STATUS” QUO: Illegal Worker Granted Workers Comp Claim, PERA “SCOPE?”: Court Backs Law Cutting PERA COLAs

NewsDash – June 30, 2011 

“BEYOND” EXPECTATIONS: Middle-Class Counting on Post-Retirement Work, SEARCH “ENGINE”: Pathfinder 2.0 Provider Adviser Search Tool Unveiled, TRANSITION MANAGEMENT: Wells Fargo Names Transition Services Leader, “OPPOSING” VIEWPOINT: Public Pension McCarthyism?, “BULL” SHIFTS?: Bullish Sentiment Slacks Among Investment Managers, “MAKE” TAKE?: Appellate Court Backs Federal Health Care Mandate, SURVEY SAYS: What’s On Your Summer Reading List?

NewsDash – June 29, 2011 

TELE “EVANGELIST?”: Teleworking Study Makes Environmental Argument, “CHANGING” TABLEAU: Middle Market Sponsors Switching for Features, WEA.PONS “GRADED?”: MSCI Launches 25 New ESG Indexes, IRON “MIEN”: Nationwide Rolls Out 3(38) Fiduciary Offering, “RANGE” FINDINGS: Report Says Most TDFs Have too Much Stock, TRADING PLACES: The Trading Impact of ETFs, DEBT “WEIGHT?”: Pension Trustees Cautioned on Debt Concerns

NewsDash – June 28, 2011 

LIMIT “LESS?”: What’s Next for PPACA Waivers?, GRADUATION “EXHORTATIONS”: Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated, “NEW” ATTITUDES: Who is the “New” Fiduciary?, “K” RATIONS: Firms Offer More Help, Less Match, SEVEN, “UP”: Brinker Capital Adds 7 ETFs to DC Platform, HEDGE “EDGE”: Hedge Fund Shifts in Pensions, Sovereign Wealth, SOURCE “SPOT”: Source Taps FTSE Emerging EMEA 40 for New ETF, BREACH “REACH”: EBSA, IRS Offer Corrections Program Workshop, NONCOMPETE “CLAWS?” Tx Supremes Back Noncompete/Options Trade

NewsDash – June 27, 2011 

FAST(ER) TRACK: NLRB Moves to Speed Up Union Votes, “STEP” LETTERS: Most Taking Steps to Rein in Health Care Costs, BILLIONS “ERR”: Goldman Sachs Unit Misstates Pension Derivatives Value, PRIVATE “PLACEMENT”: Illinois Teachers Boost Private Equity Targets, PUBLICLY, TRENDED: Money Managers Having a Better Year, “VAST” APPROACHING?: Consultant Finds Vast Differences in Pension Fees, “PEAK” PERFORMANCE: IRS Proposes Stock Compensation Limit Changes, “WEAR” WITHAL: AT&T Wins Again in Cash Balance Suit

NewsDash – June 26, 2011 

Pension Risk Transfer: A Means to an End?, Funding Deficits Top of Mind for UK Pension Sponsors and Trustees, U.S. Pensions Experience Funded Status Setback in May, Report Says IAS 19 Could Trigger Pension Reallocations, Irish Pension Levy Draws Fire, Inflation Could Have Positive Impact on FTSE 100 Pension Funding, Canadian Pension Landscape Shifting

NewsDash – June 24, 2011 

FEDERAL “CASE”: Are Federal Pensions a State Roadmap?, ENGAGE STAGE: Firms Falling Behind on Engagement, TELE “VISION”: Survey Finds Decline in Teleworkers, ENVIRONMENT “TELL”: MSCI Unveils New ESG Platform, PROFIT ABILITY: Report Says UK Auto Enroll Costs to Come from Profits, MILE “MARKER”: IRS Bumps Up Mileage Rates

NewsDash – June 23, 2011 

RECOVER “READ”: Economic Health, Health Benefits Tied, “DISPLACED” PRIORITIES: Displaced Workers Tapping Into Retirement Funds, TIPS “HEAT?”: Restaurants Sue DoL Over Tip Credits, ADOPT “ED”: Auto Enrollment Up, But Participation, Deferrals Decline, “SUB” WAYS: Sub-Advisers Cite Manager Search Sources in FRC Poll, LIFE “LINES”: EBRI Maps Impact of Longevity Factors on Retirement Income, BENEFICIAL INTERESTS?: Consultant Says IAS19 Good for Some Bottom Lines, SURVEY SAYS: What One Thing Would You Change About YOUR Job?

NewsDash – June 22, 2011 

REPEAL “PEEL”: What Parts of PPACA Have Been Amended?, CHANCES ARE: Don’t Count on Working Longer, MISTAKES “TAKE”: The Biggest Interview Mistakes, “X” PARTE: Gen X Worried About Retirement, But…, ESTIMATED “TACTS”: Morningstar Takes on Hedge Fund Returns, VOLUME “DISCOUNTS”: Institutional Investors Make Trading Shifts, EXTENSION CHORD: IRS Extends Deadline for Schedule SSA Filing

NewsDash – June 21, 2011 

“CHECKED OUT” LINES?: Half of Workers Looking to Leave, DAD “WEIGHT?”: Dad’s Dealing With Work-Life Balance Issues, PROMOTION “NULL?”: Would You Take a No-Pay Bump Promotion?, MUTUAL “ATTRACTIONS”: SI Updates Mutual Fund Benchmarking Report, SAVINGS “ACCOUNT”: Survey Finds Few With Enough Emergency Funds, CLASS “ACTION”: Supremes Hand Wal-Mart a Big Victory, WAIVER “RING” Obama Administration Calls an End to HCR Waivers

NewsDash – June 20, 2011 

“ENGAGE” MIEN: Ways to Engage and Involve Participants, ERROR MESSAGES: Remedying 403(b) Operational Errors, ACQUISITION “MODE”: Pension Specialists Acquires RSM McGladrey Unit, BUSH “LEAGUE”: Kelly Bush Joins Lincoln as Regional Sales Director, HAGENS “DOES”: Law Firm Targets Cash Balance Conversions, EZ “PICKINGS”: Wait is Over for the 2010 Form 5500 EZ

NewsDash – June 17, 2011 

“PLAY” TIMED: Google Costs the World $268 Billion?, CHANGE “UP?”: Mercer Says IAS19 Shift Could Sway Pension Allocations, “ACTIVE” VOICES: Employers See Retirement Behavioral Shifts, FUNDAMENTAL “LIST”: Invesco PowerShares Rolls Out New Index Series, “EMERGING” MARKETING: New Emerging Market Fund Launches, EXTENSION “CHORD”: ASPPA, CIKR Want More Time on Fee Disclosure, WAIVER “FLAVOR”: GAO Reports on PPACA Waiver Limit Requests

NewsDash – June 16, 2011 

CHANGE “PARSE”: Three Things to Know About Conversions, UNCERTAIN FOOTING: What You Need to Know About Glide Paths, HEDGE “WEDGE?”: Sponsor Interest in Hedge Funds Perking Up, BENCH “WARMING”: Do You Benchmark Retirement Plan Fees?, “MANIFEST” DESTINY: The Duty to Warn About Company Stock, “NET” ASSESSMENT: The New Definition of Fiduciary, SURVEY SAYS: Life Lessons From Dad(s)

NewsDash – June 15, 2011 

‘GIVING UP?: Caregiving Costs Trend Higher, ENGAGEMENT “RING?” The Most Important Engagement Influences, HEALTHY INCREASE: S&P 1500 DB Plans Get Healthier: Mercer, “TIPPING” POINTS: Report: Inflation Rise Could Boost Pensions, ELECTRONIC “AVENUES”: Whitepaper Presses for Electronic Delivery, “PREDICT” ABLE: ABC Says Employers Need Predictable Guidance

NewsDash – June 14, 2011 

SEASONAL ADJUSTMENTS?: Seasonal Workers Under the PPACA, “LEFT” FIELD: The One Question You Should Ask a Potential Provider, REIMBURSE “MIEN”: DTCC Provides Tax Offset on Same-Se.x Benefits , WURTS “CASE”: Alaska Permanent Fund Execs Pull Up Stakes, EXPENSE “ACCOUNT”: Principal Extends TPA Expense Allowance Program, “ADDED” EMPHASIS: Russell Rolls out Reconstitution Roster, “EXHAUST” SHUN?: Court Tosses Halliburton Benefits Calculation Suit, CARDIN’S LETTER: Senator Cardin Presses for SSA Earnings Statements

NewsDash – June 13, 2011 

ABSENCE “MINDED”: Employers Focused on Cutting Absenteeism, “PRE” TEXT: ASPPA Offers Suggestions on Determination Letter Process, RICC ROLE: DST Taps Sheridan for Retirement Income Push, RHODE’S “TRIP”: Rhode Island’s Pension Funding Gap Widens, “ABC” NEWS: Guggenheim Launches New ABC Index ETF, MISTAKE TAKE: The Five Most Common VCP Mistakes, “(b)” WARY: SPARK Cautions on 408(b)(2)

NewsDash – June 10, 2011 

“DIVERSE” CITINGS: Diverse Workers Warming up to Better Jobs, RETHINKING “CAPS?”: HCR Driving Rethink on Retiree Medical, PENSIONS “NEAR?”: Fidelity Tool Targets Pension Decision, “FORWARD” THINKING: Morningstar to Launch Forward Looking Ratings, OMIT “ED?”: Connecticut Town Gets Big OPEB Surprise, MSIM FORMED?: PBGC Sues Morgan Stanley for Pension Losses, MOSQUITO “NET”: Alternative Mosquito Repellent Ideas

NewsDash – June 9, 2011 

COMP “CLAIMS”: Health Insurance Tops Benefit Cost List, BOOMER “RING?”: Sandwich Generation Could Find Retirement at Risk, MANAGED “ACCOUNT”: PNC, Morningstar Team on Managed Accounts, COLLEGE EDUCATION: Can NQDCPs Help Fund College, MULTI “FACETED”: FASB Rethinking Multiemployer Disclosures, ’55 “DRIVE”: TIAA-CREF Expands its Target-Date Suite, FAITH “FALL?”: FaithShares Shutters Four Faith-Based ETFs, DISS, BARRED?: Solis Rejects Time-Barred Prudence Claims

NewsDash – June 8, 2011 

DROP, OFF?: More Employers Likely to Drop Health Coverage: McKinsey, “DELAYED” REACTION?: EBRI: Delayed Retirement May Not Be Enough, STREAK BREAK: Pension Funding Gap Widens in May, “EXCHANGE” RATES: ETF Assets Fall in May, “LOOKING” CLASS: Nearly 30% Looking or Work – at Work, BASKET “CASE”: PBGC Fighting Basket-Maker’s Pension Dump, APP SHEET: DoL Unveils Timesheet App

NewsDash – June 7, 2011 

RESCIND EVENTS: Rescissions Under the PPACA, “SMOKE” SIGNALS: Where There’s Smoke…, LIVING “WAGE?”: Longevity Straining Retirement Savings, PARTICIPATION, RATED: Participation a Bigger Concern Than Leakage, ‘PATROL “CALL”: OHPRS Issues Fixed Income RPP, APPED “UP”: Putnam’s iPhone App Targets Savings, “PAPER” TRIALS? ASPPA, ERIC Weigh in on Electronic Disclosures

NewsDash – June 6, 2011 

VOLUNTEERING BENEFITS: Millennial Volunteers More Loyal, Satisfied, SOURCE “SPOTS”: Retirement Funding Expectations Vary, “CURB” APPEAL: CalSTRS Backs Bill Limiting Pension Spiking, “SMOOTH” SELLING: Contra Costa, Pittsburg Strike Pension Deal, “NEAR” TERMS: IASB Said to be Near Final Draft on IAS19, PET “FALL?”: Home Fall Triggers Workers Comp Claim

NewsDash – June 3, 2011 

“RELY” SIDE?: Employees Carrying Bigger Share of Health Care, SELLING “POINTS”: Sales Pay Increases Coming, WRAP “ACCOUNT”: Equity Shifts Boost Wrap Programs in Q1, PIONEER “WARES”: Pioneer Partners with Fiduciary Benchmarks, FLOWS CHART: Flows Favor Stocks in April, “BARN” DOOR?: Global X Launches Farming ETF, EXTENSION “CHORD”: ASPPA Presses for Filing Delay

NewsDash – June 2, 2011 

LONDON “BRIDGES”: A Perspective from Across “the Pond”, “PERSONAL” TOUCH: Personal Responsibility Key to Savings Confidence, FAITH NO MORE?: Individuals Rethinking Investments, “COMMUNITY” SERVICE: J.P. Morgan Opens Social Medium Forum, STANDARDS “BEARING?”: UK Pension Funding Gap Widens, SURVEY SAYS: Will 408(b)(2) Disclosures Matter?

NewsDash – June 1, 2011 

SKILLS “SET?”: Workers Feel Qualified, but Want to Learn More, STAGES “COACH”: Lincoln Study Highlights Pro-Retirement Behaviors, “STRETCHING” EXERCISES: Institutional Investors Stretching Out Transitions, “HIDING” PLACES?: Study Finds Unequal Pension Funding Transparency, LOAD, DOWN?: No Load Share Classes on a Tear, INCENTIVES EYED?: ASPPA: Fuzzy Math on Retirement Plan Incentives

NewsDash – May 31, 2011 

ENROLL “MEANT”: Automatic Enrollment Under PPACA, DEDUCT “ABLE?”: An Awkward Conference Question, COMPARI-SUMS: Comparing 403(b) Designs Year-Over-Year, “BULLET” POINTS: How to Influence Participant Behaviors, “DEMOCRATIC” PARTIES: Inside Investment Committee Personalities, TUNNEL “VISION”: S&P 500 Pension Gaps Close – Some, STOCK “PICKINGS”: Global Flows Finally Favoring Stocks, POLICY “STATEMENTS”: PBGC Adopts New Investment Policy

NewsDash – May 27, 2011 

“NARROW” MINDED: Income Gap Closes for CDHP Adoptees, “DIRECT” SHUN?: Why Employers Like Voluntary Benefits, AFFORD “ABLE?”: More Say They Can’t Afford a 2011 Vacation, BUY-IN LARGE?: Pru Completes First Pension Buy-In Transaction, FiRM “HANDSHAKE”: Mutual of Omaha Rolls Out Investment Comparison Tool, MEASURE “RING”: Segal Paper Explores Public Pension Liability Calculations

NewsDash – May 26, 2011 

BENCH, PRESSED: The Measure of the Plan, MEASURING STICKS: A New Focus on Benchmarking, GOALS, TRENDING: A Failure to Communicate?, ‘SOURCE “SPOTS”: Resurgent Interest in Investment Outsourcing, QDIA ESSENTIALS?: Five Things to Know About Your QDIA, CONSERVATIVE VALUED: Stable Value Rises to the Top, SURVEY SAYS: When Will Your Memorial Day Begin?

NewsDash – May 25, 2011 

“NEW” VIEWS: Auto Enroll Boosts Participation, But…, LIMITS “LESS”: Lincoln Launches Managed Model Account Offering, “FOUR” KNOWLEDGE?: FTSE Cites Big Boost in ESG Investments, “SHORE” ENOUGH?: Public Pensions Taking Steps to Close Funding Gaps, “DISAPPEARING” ACTS: Survey Calls for More Info on Annuity Contracts, MISS “FIT?”: Consultant Says Target-Funds May Miss Mark, CITIZENS “ARREST?”: Court Bumps State Pension Suit to State Court

NewsDash – May 24, 2011 

WAIT LIMITATIONS? What’s the Latest on PPACA Waiting Period Limits?, LOAN ARRANGING: Will the SEAL Act Plug Leakage?, DISTRACTED “DRIVERS”: Productivity Tools Proving to be Distractions, LONDON “BRIDGE?”: Merger Forms New Alternative Investment Firm, “REAL” DEALS?: Is it Time for a Closer Look at “Real” Asset Classes?, “EXCHANGE”, RATED: Survey Finds Institutional Investors Bullish on ETFs, FUNDAMENTAL “LIST”: Invesco PowerShares Launches New ETF Suite

NewsDash – May 23, 2011 

FEAR FACTORS?: Paper Says Emotional Barriers Hindering Savings, “ADDED” VALUES: 403(b) Plans Beefing Up Plan Features, Options, LINCOLN “LOG”: Illinois TRS 2011 Returns Well Ahead of Benchmark, REVERSE “ABLE”: Connecticut Pension Appeals Madoff Ruling, “ISSUE” ORIENTED: Court: Trustee Not Responsible for Adviser Fraud, COLLEGE “EDUCATION”: Graduates Offer Advice on College Finances

NewsDash – May 20, 2011 

“RESPONSIBLE” PARTINGS?: Who’s Responsible for Securing Retirement Security?, PAY “RAYS”: Pay Tops HR Focus at Financial Services Firms, EQUITY “ABLE”: Youngest Participants Heavy Into Stocks at Vanguard, DISCIPLINE “AIRING”: Russell Rolls Out ETF Suite, “FRIEND” SHIFT?: Industry Groups Call for Rehearing on Kraft Case, DONUT “WHOLE?”: Dunkin Donuts Worker Sues for Tips

NewsDash – May 19, 2011 

AUTO “BONDS?”: Automatic Deferrals Can Contribute to Suboptimal Rates, “HIGH” MINDED: Study Says that the Conscientious Save More, BADEN “SWITCH”: Baden Retirement Hires New Sales Manager, “LONG” RUN?: EBRI Looks at Retirement Income Options, MARGINS “CALL”: Consultant Says Asset Manager Margins Narrow, “LEAK” SEAL?: Legislation Aims to SEAL 401(k) “Leakage”, SURVEY SAYS: Have You Done Your Jury “Duty?”

NewsDash – May 18, 2011 

Standard Life Suspends Former MD, Aon Hewitt Names Co-CEOs, NAPF Publishes FX Guide, ING IM Expects Stronger Economic Recovery, Pension Schemes Decrease Interest Rate Hedging in Q1, Firms Call for Formal Process in Appointing Fiduciary Manager, Survey Finds Emerging Market Interest Wanes, Report Finds Schemes Have Done Little to Improve Risk, Hargreaves Lansdown Calls for Simpler Account Switches, New PPF Levy Framework Incorporates Investment Risk, 2011 PLANSPONSOR European Conference, PLANSPONSOR Europe launches PSE Dash

NewsDash – May 18, 2011(2) 

“PAST” TENSE?: Workers Lacking Retirement Backup Plan, LEAVE BEHINDS?: Job Leavers Uncertain About 401(k) Balances, KEEP “SAKES”: Public Sector Seeing Bump in Retirements, CAREY “ON”: Carey to Lead F-Squared Retirement Solutions, TRANSITION “TEEM?”: Manager Searches Trend Higher, “FLAT” WARES?: Asian Fund Flows Flat in March, “EXCHANGE” RATES: U.S. ETF Flows Accelerate in April

NewsDash – May 17, 2011 

FULL-TIME “POSITION?”: What is “Full-Time” for PPACA Coverage?, STRESSED “TOUT”? Most Workers Suffering Financial Stress, “CO” OPT?: Aon Hewitt CEO to Depart, HEDGE “PLEDGED”: Northern Trust Launches Hedge Fund Biz, DISCIPLINE “AIRING”: Russell Rolls Out Discipline Indexes, LEVY “BRAKES”? PPF To Add Investment Risk Levy, TERMS LIMITS: Supremes Weigh In on CIGNA Cash Balance Case

NewsDash – May 16, 2011 

PROFILE FILE: Meet PLANSPONSOR’s Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year, “PASSED” TENSE: Law Firm Investigating Insurance Claims, CARBON “COPY”: Legal & General Launches Carbon Tracker Fund, SMALL “STUFF”: Paychex Posts Up Small Business Resource Center, MEDIAN WELL: BNY Mellon Master Trust Universe Gains Ground, “AMORED” VEHICLE: Janus Launches Real Return Fund, MARS, BARRED?: Court Says Committee, Not Employer Can be Sued

NewsDash – May 13, 2011 

WEIGHT, LISTED?: Workers Still Putting on Pounds at Work, ‘CARE “BEAR”: Employees Picking Up More of Health Care Costs, CHECKING “ACCOUNT”: Mercer Rolls Out DB Checklist, “SEPARATE” WAYS: Cerulli Says Separate Accts Have Institutional Potential, “PUBLIC” RELATIONS: Court Backs Sharing Public Pension Details, “HAUL” OF FAME?: Mets Clubhouse Manager Had Unique Retirement “Plan”

NewsDash – May 12, 2011 

“RECORD” SETTINGS: Fidelity’s 401(k) Balances Bouncing Back, “STOPPED” SIGNS?: DC Participants Staying the Course with Investments, EXECUTIVE “ORDERS”: Former GM Execs Sue for Pension Benefits, TIPS “TOED?”: S&P Launches TIPS Index, DISTRACTS “SHUN?”: Xerox App Helps You Manage Email, “CLOSED” QUARTERS?: Most Corporate DB Plans Now Closed to New Hires, SURVEY SAYS: Is Your CEO Overpaid?

NewsDash – May 11, 2011 

“OUT OF” PROPORTION?: The Problems with Asset-Based Fees, PAY “RAYS?”: Tracking Health Care Organization Pay Trends, BEHAVIORAL “FINANCE?”: CFOs Cite Annoying Work Behaviors, SHIFT SHAPES?: Aon Hewitt Says More Embracing LDI, “INDUSTRIAL” COMPLEX?: New Index Series Melds Shariah, Metals, WHISTLE “STOP?”: Court Weighs in on Whistleblower Requirement

NewsDash – May 10, 2011 

“WELL” SPRINGS?: The PPACA and Wellness Programs, MEDIAN “WELL”?: Median CEO Pay Surged in 2010, TRADITION NULL: Report Rebuffs Privatization Designs, CATEGORY “CULL”: Morningstar Rolls Out New ETF Classifications, ‘VALUE, ADDED: John Hancock Makes Fund Management Changes, LOTTERY “TICKET”?: UK Consultant Proposes Pension Lottery

NewsDash – May 9, 2011 

CONFERENCE “CALL”: Have You Registered for PSNC?, PROFILE “PICTURES”: Our Retirement Plan Adviser Team of the Year, “CHOSEN” VIEW: Surviving the IRS Compliance Check, “MISS” MATCH: Cash Balance Conversion May Pose Risks, LIQUIDITY RATIONS: The Role of Fixed Annuities in 403(b) Plans, CLASS “RINGS”: Court Rejects 404(c) Argument in Certifying Class

NewsDash – May 6, 2011 

“SOCIAL” SECURITY: Citi Adds SRI Sec Lending Feature, STATUS “REPORT”: Corporate Pension Funding Gap Narrows, FAIR “GROUNDS”: CBO Weighs in on Public Pension Accounting, “CAPITAL” INVESTMENT: Janus Launches Capital Protection Fund, DATA “MINDING”: Consultant Cautions on Data Integrity Focus, UNINSURED “ABLE”: Court OKs Uninsured Standing to Challenge PPACA, BABY “TALK”: And the Most Popular Baby Names Are…

NewsDash – May 5, 2011 

GOALS, TENDING: Setting Retirement Goals Enhances Engagement, RETAINING WELL?: Improved Economy Has Workers Looking, CARS “DRIVER?: JPMorgan Launches CARS Solution, CIVETS “CENTER”: S&P Sets Out 2nd Generation Emerging Mkt Index, COUPLE THINGS: Survey Finds Couples Have Financial Disconnects, “OVERNIGHT” SENSATIONS: The “New” 403(b) Oversight Committee, SURVEY SAYS: Which Would Your Workforce Prefer – DB or DC?

NewsDash – May 4, 2011(2) 

“GOOD” VIBRATIONS?: IMHO: The Enemy of the Good, “DISS” SATISFIED?: Workers Not Feeling as Good About Benefits, TALENT “ED”: Hiring Up, but Most Employers Doubt Hiring Effectiveness, ALPHA “BET?”: Where’s the Alpha?, ‘PATH WAYS?: Hard to Tell if TDF is “To” or “Through”, FORTUNE “TELLING?”: UK DB Pension Funding Deficits Narrow, “MISSED” PERCEPTIONS: 403(b) Compliance Misperceptions Abound

NewsDash – May 3, 2011 

CREDIT “CHECK?”: Dealing With PPACA’s Small Biz Tax Credits, “MYTH” UNDERSTANDINGS: The 401(k) Myth, POSITIVE “FEEDBACK”: Positive Incentives Can Lower Health Care Costs: Study, “MAX” FACTORS: MetLife Launches New Retirement Income Offerings, “HIGHER” EDUCATION. IRS Extends Universal Availability Project, “LATE” FATE: Employee Claim Bounced for Being Late, SHALL “SHOCKED?” Court Backs Spouse Over Designated Beneficiaries

NewsDash – May 2, 2011 

“CULL” COVERAGE: Recession Leads to Record Drop in Coverage, “A” LIST: Ten Common 409A Errors, RISK-FREE “BUSINESS”: The Myth of the Risk-Free Rate, “POSITIVE” ATTITUDES: Pension Index Rating Rises in Q1, DISPROPORTIONATE “SHEAR?”: GAO Cites Issues with Shift from DB, “ADVERSE” SELECTION: ERIC Outlines Ideas to Trim Regulatory Burdens

NewsDash – April 29, 2011 

SICK “PACT?”: Workers Feel Guilty for Calling in Sick, “NOT” HOLES?: Participants Clueless on Retirement Plan Fees, BRAND “HEW”: National Advisers Trust, EPIC Advisers Link on 401(k) Offering, ESTIMATE “MATES”: AARP Rolls Out 401(k) Fee Calculator, “BETTER” OFF: Towers Watson Says Large Corporate Pensions Gain Ground, BEAR NECESSITIES?: Court Backs Comp Claim for P.ot Smoking Worker

NewsDash – April 28, 2011 

“ENOUGH” SAID: Benefits Directors Say Firms Should Do More, SERVICE “STATIONED”: Mutual of Omaha to Offer Mesirow 3(38) Service, MULTIPLE “LISTING”: Millennium Launches Multiple Employer Plan, STAKE “SHAKE”: CalPERS Takes Stakes in Two Emerging Managers, INFLUENCE “SHELL?”: Court Backs Plan Doc on Contested Beneficiary, DRIVERS’ “ED”: OSHA Starts Up Distracted Driving Campaign, SURVEY SAYS: Should the SCOTUS Have Accelerated the PPACA Review?

NewsDash – April 27, 2011 

GUIDE “POST”: Check out PLANSPONSOR’s Interactive 403(b) Buyer Guide, “ROLE” MODELS: CRR Sees a New Kind of Public Sector Pension, “BRIGHT” EYED: BrightScope Sets its Sights on Advisers, ACCELERATOR “PEDDLE?”: Tool Targets Better Health Care Plan Design, CENTER “FIELD”: Pew Paints Bleak Public Pension Funding Picture, “OVER” RATED?: NCPERS Says Pew Public Pension Report Flawed, “FRIENDLY” FIRE?: DoL Lashes Out at Prudence Presumption, CHECK “STUB”: Uncle Sam Retiring Social Security…Checks

NewsDash – April 26, 2011 

DENTAL “CHECKUP”: Dental & Vision Benefits Under the PPACA, MUSIC “MIEN”: Music Most Common Commuter Pastime, AFFECT “ED”? Measuring the Impact of CDHPs, COMMUTING SENTENCES: Commute Influences Job Satisfaction, SCREEN ACTORS: AXA Equitable, Wilshire Band on Fiduciary Tool, ELITE “FETE”: Security Benefit Launches Retirement Savings Initiative, THREAT ASSESSMENT: Cerulli: A Critical Period for ETFs, ACCELERATE “SHUN”: Supremes Rebuff Fast Track for PPACA Review

NewsDash – April 25, 2011 

PICTURE THIS: Awards for Excellence Photo Gallery, “BEST” PRACTICES: What Advisers Are Doing Wrong, POSTED “NOTE”: KRS Puts Staff Salaries Online, ABSOLUTE “LEAD”: Maryland Pension Seeks Adviser, “INAPPROPRIATE” RESPONSE: Panel: Limited Scope Audits Misunderstood, “PUNISH” MEANT: ERIC Pushes Back on PBGC Premium Proposal

NewsDash – April 22, 2011 

ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTIONS: Workers Say Employers Could be More Green, EXPENSE “ACCOUNT”: Retirement Not Most Pressing Financial Concern, “FUNNY” BUSINESS: A Third Say Using Work Email Inappropriately, “MUTUAL” FUNDS: Mutual of Omaha Adds Funds to Retirement Platform, PASSPORT “APPLICATION”: Northern Trust Launches Mobile Passport, PUBLIC “RELATIONS”: Public Funds Bouncing Back, MANIFEST “DESTINY?”: Court Finds Fiduciary Liable for Company Stock

NewsDash – April 21, 2011 

“EXPERT” OPINION: Why You Should Hire a Retirement Plan Adviser, “BULLY” PULPIT: Survey: More than a Quarter Bullied at Work, RETHINKING “CAPS”: Large Employers Rethinking Retiree Health Care, TRADE MARK: TD Ameritrade Rolls Out New ETF Option for 401(k)s, SEIZE SURE?: Detroit Pensions Challenge State Takeover Powers, SURVEY SAYS: What is the Rising Price of Gas Driving You To?

NewsDash – April 20, 2011 

“LIKE” MINDED: What Really Keeps Workers, HEALTH “CARES?”: Health Care Concerns Weigh on Execs, MOVING VEINS: More Employees Reluctant to Relocate, PIQUED PERFORMANCE?: Most Say Performance Reviews – Don’t, REALITY “BYTES”: Principal Launches New Education Campaign, SEC EDUCATION: SEC Seeks Input on Investor Education

NewsDash – April 19, 2011(2) 

CLAIMS ADJUSTMENTS: When Do PPACA Claims Rules Apply?, COMMUNICATION GAPS: Many Unimpressed by Benefit Communications, ELEMENT “TELL”: How to Analyze Your QDIA, FEE RANGE: Range Between High, Low 401(k) Plan Fees Outlined, ‘POINT “GUARD”: CalPERS Posits 12 Points for Pensions, AUTO “PILOTS?” Most Haven’t Quantified Costs of Auto Designs

NewsDash – April 18, 2011 

“BOUNCE” BACKS”: Boomer Babies Bouncing Back – Home, ATTENTION “DEFICITS?”: Guess What Participants Aren’t Looking At, “DISTRACTED” DRIVERS: Pension Risk Transfer Draws More Interest, SENTENCE STRUCTURED: Former NY Comptroller Gets Jail – and Pension, ABSOLUTE ROUTE: Absolute Return Tops European Fund Flows, UNDERSTATE “MEANT”: Testimony Focuses on Public Pension Accounting, ABUSIVE POWERS: Some Retirement Plans Make IRS Dirty Dozen List

NewsDash – April 15, 2011 

RHODE “WORRIERS”: Ocean State Pension Adjusts Assumptions, “TAKING” POINTS: Five Things to Know About Retirement Income, ESTIMATE “ED”: Small Biz Owners Rethink Retirement Needs, “READY” KNOTS?: Are 401(k)s Finally Ready for ETFs?, WEDDING “PLANNERS”: Most UK Employers Favor Royal Holiday, TERMS LIMITS: Court Backs Plan Terms in Estate Challenge

NewsDash – April 14, 2011 

BOSS BEEFS: Don’t Like Your Boss? You’re not Alone., OPEN DOERS?: Is Open Architecture Worth the Effort?, WASTE “SIZE”: Global X Rolls Out a New ETF, “CLOSE” QUARTERS: Unilever to Close its UK Pension Scheme, ADA MEANT?: Court Finds No ADA Issue with Wellness Initiatives, SURVEY SAYS: Do You Benchmark Your Retirement Plan Fees?

NewsDash – April 13, 2011 

LESS, STRESSED: Boomers Lowering Expectations, ESTIMATE “ED”: Benefit Statements Help Some, But…, SITE “LINES”: Ohio 457 Rolls Out New Web Site, “RUN” RATE: ADP Touts Online Payroll Capabilities, COMPENSATING “BALANCES?”: CEO Pay Rebounds in 2010, ALPHA “BET”: Bandon Capital Launches New Fixed Income Fund, MISSOURI “BREAK”: Missouri AG Files Brief Backing PPACA Challenge

NewsDash – April 12, 2011 

COVERAGE AREAS: What Coverages Must be Reported on Form W-2?, MEASURING STICKS: Why You Should be Benchmarking, GREEN “GREEN?” Buck Finds More Employers Measuring Green Initiatives, SWIFT “BODING?” Pension Boards Struggle with Swift Response, CONSERVATIVE VALUES: Resurgent Interest in Stable Value, OUT, BACK: Revenue-Sharing Suit Gets a New Lease on Life

NewsDash – April 11, 2011 

“POWER” FULL: The Inaugural PLANSPONSOR Europe Power Lists, “FIRING” LINES: Leadership Changes at Kentucky Retirement System, SOURCE “SPOTS”: Investment Outsourcing Draws New Interest, “MOVING” MIEN: Transition Management Turns a Corner, PICK FIX?: Picking the Right QDIA, NATURAL SELECTION: This Dress Code is “Altogether” Different

NewsDash – April 8, 2011 

TAX ACTS?: Tax Fretters Not Going for 401(k) Opportunity, CLUES “LESS?”: Looking for the Less Obvious Clues in Hiring, KITCHEN “AID?”: Happiness is a Well-Stocked Office Kitchen, ALTERNATIVE “ENERGIES”: A Shifting Institutional Investment Focus?, KNEW INFORMATION?: New Data Boosts Pension Funding, FIXED SLATE: Pru Launches Three Fixed Income Funds

NewsDash – April 7, 2011 

TAX ACTS?: Tax Fretters Not Going for 401(k) Opportunity, CLUES “LESS?”: Looking for the Less Obvious Clues in Hiring, KITCHEN “AID?”: Happiness is a Well-Stocked Office Kitchen, ALTERNATIVE “ENERGIES”: A Shifting Institutional Investment Focus?, KNEW INFORMATION?: New Data Boosts Pension Funding, FIXED SLATE: Pru Launches Three Fixed Income Funds

NewsDash – April 6, 2011 

AUDIT “TRIALS”: Watch Out for these IRS Audit Pitfalls, EXPERT “ANALYSIS”: Interactive 2010 Consultant Survey Now Online, ARCHIMEDES “PRINCIPLES”: New RMD Modeling Tool Unveiled, SHOPE “TALK”: BB&T Hires National Retirement Sales Manager, HUELER “HOOP?”: PSCA Offers Members Access to Annuity Platform, “INVERSE” FUNCTIONS: ProShares Sets Out Two New ETFs

NewsDash – April 5, 2011 

REPORT “CALL”: What About the PPACA’s Form W-2 Requirements?, “PRESSURED” POINTS: “No Sale” on Coerced Sales Hire, ABSOLUTE “ROUTE”: Columbia Launches Two Absolute Return Funds, SUIT “CASE”: Court Rejects Recovery of Employer Litigation Costs, PRUDENCE “MIEN”: Bank Wins Dismissal of Stock Drop Suit, “LATE” CHARGES: Cash Balance Challenge Comes Too Late

NewsDash – April 4, 2011 

SAVINGS “ACCOUNT”: NAGDCA Survey Sheds Light on Govt Savings, DEFAULT LINES: Participant Loans Costly For Some Groups, ABS “SOLUTION?”: Regulators Propose New ABS Restrictions, CLASS “ACTS”: Delphi Buys Out GM, PBGC Interests, “CLOSING” COSTS: Towers Watson Says More UK Pensions to Close, LOSE VIEWS: FAQs Focus on Keeping PPACA Grandfather Status

NewsDash – April 1, 2011 

TAX MIEN?: Retirement Tax Break Looms Larger for Lower-Income Savers, ESTIMATE “ED”: Fidelity Cites Drop in Retiree Health Care Costs, INFRA “STRUCTURES”: FTSE Infrastructure Index Series Launches, MENU “MINT”: TIAA-CREF Rolls Out New Fiduciary Service Options, QIC “STEP”: QIC Taps Northern Trust for Investment Outsourcing, IN-HOUSE “COUNSEL”: EBSA Updates PTE Rules on In-House Asset Mgmt

NewsDash – March 31, 2011 

Study Finds New DB Top Concerns, DB Focus Boosts Retirement Income Prospects, Americans Want Pensions Back, DB Sponsors Focused on Managing Risk, Pension Funding Levels Continued Upward in February, DB Returns Beat DC Returns through 2008, Group Blames DB Decline on Funding Volatility Concerns, Market Rebound Did Little to Improve Pension Funding, U.S., Japan Remain Largest Pension Markets in the World, In Japan, It’s all about De-Risking, Pension Plans Focusing More on Risk Management

NewsDash – March 31, 2011(2) 

EXCHANGE RANGES: HR Policy Group Petitions Governors on HCR, “MUCH” ADO: Putnam Cites Response Rates to Income Planning Tool, “OPEN” GATEWAY: AXA Rolls Out Retirement Gateway Offering, COMPENSATION “CONSULT?”: SEC Proposes New Compensation Standards, CLASS “ACT”: Revenue-Sharing Suit Gains Class Certification, SURVEY SAYS: Do You Take a Break for Lunch?

NewsDash – March 30, 2011 

COMPARISON “POINTS”: Industry Data Points Worth Ignoring, DROP DROP: Alabama Drops Deferred Retirement Option Program, STUDY “GROUP”: M Financial Teams with Fiduciary Benchmarks, BlackRock, “ENOUGH” STUFF: Public Pension Liquidity Crisis Not Imminent: Study, GUIDANCE COUNSELING: IRS Issues Health Care Cost Reporting Guidance, “BAR” CODE: UBS Stock Drop Suit Punted

NewsDash – March 29, 2011 

LIMIT “ED”: More About Annual and Lifetime Limits, “SUPER” VISIONS: Many Not Trained for Supervisory Roles, WELL “SPRINGS?”: Employers Say Wellness Programs Work, PITT “STOP?”: PMRS Pushes for Expedited Review of Pittsburgh Pension, EMERGING SURGING?: Vanguard, Dreyfus Plan Emerging Market Launches, LUNCH “METE”: Study Says No Lunch Break = Productivity Drop, COMMENTS “AIRING”: More Time to Comment on Fiduciary Redefinition

NewsDash – March 28, 2011 

HSA WAYS: Employer Contributions to HSAs, HRAs Drop, ‘BALANCE “FARE”: Cash Balance Worth a Second Look: Sibson, BASIS “POINTS?”: ICI Says Fund Fees Declined in 2010, NEST “AIDS?”: UK’s NEST Unveils Investment Offerings, “ENCOURAGE” MIEN: Encouraging Health Care Enrollment, ORAL “ARGUMENTS”: Supremes Weigh in on Oral FLSA Complaints, ADAAA MEANT: EEOC Rolls Out Final ADA Amendments Act Regs

NewsDash – March 25, 2011 

We had a GREAT time last night at PLANSPONSOR’s Annual Awards for Excellence! It was great to see so many old friends—and to make some new ones as well!

NewsDash – March 24, 2011 

LIFE TIMED: Life Expectancy at Birth Increases, “MAINSTREAM” MEDIUM?: NQDC Expands as Benefit Offering, CREDIT “CHECK”: Calculator Helps Small Biz Calculate Tax Credits, REALTY “SHOW”: Prudential Adds Two Real Estate Mutual Funds, “DETAIL” OBSERVATIONS: Pension Industry Weighs in on UK Budget, DUCK “TAPE?”: Can You Talk Like a Duck?, SURVEY SAYS: How Do You Feel About the PPACA One Year Later?

NewsDash – March 23, 2011 

COURT COSTS: A Reminder of How Expensive Litigation Can Be, CONSULTATION “STATIONED”; Schwab Sets Up Equity Award Consultation Team, “(b)” LIST: BrightScope Expands Reach to 403(b) Plans, “MIXED” BAG?: Many TDF Missteps Due to Sponsor Actions, MOVE “MINCE?”: Judge Finds QDIA Switch no Fiduciary Breach, CREDIT “CALL”: Supremes Let Cash Balance Ruling Stand, OPT “SHUN?”: Law Lets Tennesseans Opt Out of Federal HC Mandate

NewsDash – March 22, 2011 

SUMMARY “JUDGMENTS”: About the New Summary of Benefits Notice, MEDIAN “WELL”: Balances Bounce Back at Vanguard, MULTIPLE “LISTING”: AUL Adds MEP Choice 401(k) Option, “ABSOLUTE” VALUES: Putnam Sets Out Retirement Income Offering, “MAIN” ATTRACTIONS: DC Focus Expands in FTSE 100, MOENCH “METE”: Another Court Leans on Moench in Stock Suit

NewsDash – March 21, 2011 

“DEFERRED” GRATIFICATION: PLANSPONSOR’s Interactive NQDC Guide, “UNCLEAR” FEARS: ASPPA Restates Position on Fiduciary Redefinition, MERIT “BUDGES”: Merit Pay Budgets Up Across the Board, FRIENDLY FIRE?: Sun Trust Slapped with 401(k) Suit, “LIABILITIES” DRIVEN: Senate Bill Would Alter Federal Pensions, COPY “RIGHTS”: Employer Awarded Costs in Stock-Drop Case, “GRACE” ANATOMY?: DoL Extends Grace Period for Some PPACA Rules, LENDING TRENDING: Senate Committee Probes Sec Lending in 401(k)s

NewsDash – March 18, 2011 

HETE “SEEKING”: Hartford Launches New Market Share Initiatives, “REASONABLE” RATE: No Change in CalPERS Discount Rate, ASIA “PACK”: WisdomTree Launches Asia Local Debt ETF, “CROSS” PURPOSES: Offshore Funds Big Pull for European Investors, KIL.LED BILL: Kansas House Panel Tables 401(k) Proposal, SPEND “THRIFTS?”: Few Have Retirement in Mind for Tax Refund

NewsDash – March 17, 2011 

“EXPERT” OPINIONS: Why Do 403(b) Plans Lag in Auto-Enrollment?, WORK “AROUND?”: More Now Planning to Work Later, ORPHAN “EDGE”: DoL Steps in to Deal with Abandoned 401(k), CPI “TONES”: Bill Targets Seniors CPI in Social Security COLA, LIQUIDITY “ILLS?”: GAO Cautions on Illiquid 401(k) Assets, SURVEY SAYS: Who’s Your NCAA Men’s Basketball Pick(s)?

NewsDash – March 16, 2011 

“CONVERSATION” STARTERS: An Adult Conversation With Participants, CONFLICT “ED”: Survey Says Managers Wasting Time Resolving Conflicts, WAIT, LISTED: Gen Y in No Hurry to Save, “BACK”, TRACKED: Matches Making a Comeback, PLACEMENT “TESTED”: Private Placement Problems Profiled at CalPERs, STATIC “CLING”: CalPERS Recommends Leaving Discount Rate Alone, DOG “POUNDS?”: UK Dog Owners Want to Bring Fido to Work

NewsDash – March 15, 2011 

CLASS “ACTS”: What’s the Status of the PPACA’s CLASS Act LTC?, CONFIDENCE “INTERVALS”: Retirement Confidence Dips to a New Low, MOBILE “HONE”: Transamerica Launches Mobile Enrollment Tool, BENEFITS “FARE”: National Employee Benefit Day Nears, INCOME “TACTS”: Financial Services Firms Have New Focus, WEALTHY WISE: When Does a Millionaire Feel Wealthy?

NewsDash – March 14, 2011 

BREAKING NEWS: Announcing our 2011 Plan Sponsors of the Year!, RESERVE “CAUSE”: DoD Probes Employers on Reservist Experiences, RETIREMENT REQUIREMENT: Is Yours a Savings or Retirement Plan?, EAFE LESS?: There’s Still Money to be Made in International Equities, LAND “FALL?”: Participant Transfers Still Favoring Stocks, MARKET “WATCH’: US Fund Markets Found Most Investor Friendly, “LOSE” LIFTS? Bill Introduced to Mend FSA “Use it or Lose it”

NewsDash – March 11, 2011 

POOL “HAULS?”: Some Really Odd Workplace Wagers, SOLAR “POWERED?”: ING Rolls Out New Retirement Recruiting Tool, APP “ETUDE”: Real-Time Index Values? There’s an App for That, “GROWTH” PATTERNS: ETF Flows Positive Six Months Running, CHANGE PARSE: Hutton Report Sets Roadmap for Pension Change, DRIVERS “ED”: House Holds Hearing on HCR Impact

NewsDash – March 10, 2011 

UNDERLYING ASSUMPTIONS: Behind the Target-Date Fund “Curtain?”, SUPPORT GROUP: Management Support Good for Wellness Programs, DAVIES JOINS: Dick Davies to Lead Russell’s DC Biz, SEPARATE ACCOUNT: Managed Account Shifts Seen, “DYNAMIC” DOINGS: Survey Says DB Plans Seeking New Strategies, SURVEY SAYS: Are Americans Ready for an “Adult Conversation?”

NewsDash – March 9, 2011(2) 

RELY “ABLE?”: Healthcare Sector Plans Turning to Advisers, BENEFIT FIT: Employers Believe Workers Happy with Benefit Mix, HIRE UPS?: Report Finds Positive Hiring Trends in Every State, ENGINES “ON”: Aon Hewitt Now Offering 401(k) Advice, PENSION PENCHANT: Report Says Americans Want Pensions, COMMENT “DELIMITED”: EBSA Extends Fiduciary Comment Period, CALL “CENTERED”: Millionaires Hung Up on Quick Callbacks

NewsDash – March 8, 2011 

STATE “TACTS”:  State Taxation of Adult Child Coverage Under PPACA, RISKING  “BUSINESS?”:  SEC Wants Ban on Certain Incentives, MATRIX “MANAGEMENT”:  Multinational Pooling Network Matrix Up, SICK “CENTS?”: Aon Launches Sick Leave Index, “COMMON” GROUNDS: Commonfund Sets up Shop in Atlanta, BLOOMBERG NEWS: NYC Mayor Tackling Public Pension Issues, “IF” HUTTON: Hutton Report Expected to Call for Big UK Pension Changes

NewsDash – March 7, 2011 

STAY “PULLS?”: Workers Not Happy, But Staying Put, CONFIDENCE “INTERVALS”: Gender Gap Widens in Retirement Confidence, RALLY “POINTS”: Rising Markets Continue to Close Funding Gaps, ATTENTION DEFICITS: Can Participant Fee Disclosure Be Effective?, DOMA “SIDE”: Boehner Plans to Defend DOMA, FOOD “COURT”: Survey Claims Business Meeting Food Falls Short

NewsDash – March 4, 2011 

ROLE “CALL”: Most Firms Lack Leadership Programs for Women, “SPLIT” DECISIONS: Reish & Reicher Realigns, ETF CONNECTION: Ascensus Tapped to Partner on ETF AdvisorPlan, SAS “SAY”: Principal Obtains ESOP SAS 70 Audit Report, PAY “PULL”?: House Passes Repeal of Small Biz 1099 Measure, HOLDING PATTERN: Vinson Holds on HCR Response

NewsDash – March 3, 2011 

LEAVIN’ WORTH?: Salary Tops List of Job Dissatisfactions, WELL WILLS: Principal Sets Out New Wellness Program, ENVIRONMENTAL “IMPACT”: Group Says Regulation Hemmed in DB, FOOLS’ “GOALS?”: Motley Fool Great America Fund Debuts, GOVERNMENT AID: HHS Outlines ERRP Recipients, “BROAD” WAY?: SIFMA, ICI Add Voices to Fiduciary Debate, SURVEY SAYS: Do We Need a New Fiduciary Definition?

NewsDash – March 2, 2011 

ROLLED “CALL”: HSA, HRA Rollovers Rise Per EBRI, “PUBLIC” RELATIONS: AAOA Rolls Out Public Pension e-Guide, “AFTER” MATH?: CRR Claims Tailored Advice Makes Big Difference, “INFRA” READ: Dow Jones, Brookfield Team on Infrastructure Index, “DIFFERENT” STROKE: ECJ Rejects Gender-Based Annuity Rates, HEARING “AIDS?”: Witnesses Caution EBSA on Fiduciary Rewrite

NewsDash – March 1, 2011 

‘LOSS “LEADER”: Weight Loss Tops Employee Health Concerns, INFLATION “ERRING?”: Quarter Ignore Inflation in Retirement Planning, MILE MARKERS: Principal Says Milestones Program Bears Fruit, “UNDER” STANDING: MetLife Finds Shifts in Pension Focus, MARGIN “CALL”: Study Finds Rebound in Asset Manager Margins, “NEXT” STEP: GSAM “Next Eleven” Fund Sets Sail, TRADER “FIX?”: IRS Offers Guidance on ESOP Valuation

NewsDash – February 28, 2011 

TRENDS “SETTING”: Ten Trends That Will Impact Retirement Benefits, LOG “BOOK”: Disability Recipient Caught on Ax Men, RETENTION RATED: Employee Retention a Top Concern for Employers, PASSPORT “APPLICATIONS”: Northern Trust Issues New PassPort, “HYBRID” THEORIES: Commission Calls for California Pension Changes, RHODE “WORRIERS?”: SEC Looking into Rhode Island Bond Issues, EXPENSE “ACCOUNT”: Expense Ratios on Seven Vanguard Funds Drop

NewsDash – February 25, 2011 

HAPPY “FETE”: Are Women More Happy at Work?, “ILL” WILLS: Many Still Come Into Work Sick, FUNDAMENTAL “LIST”: Russell, Research Associates Team on Index Series, ORANGE APPEAL: Orange County Seeks Investment Consultant, “MIDDLE” GROUNDS: DB Plans More Focused on Risk Than Returns, KEEP SAKES: Nearly Half Mid-Sized Plans Plan to Keep Pension, IRISH “AYE”: Northern Trust Acquires Bank of Ireland Securities Biz

NewsDash – February 24, 2011 

TARGET ED COMMUNICATION: GAO Says More Needed with TDFs, RECOGNITION COGNITION: Many Not Pleased With Job Recognition, EXCUSE “RUSE?”: Did You Hear the One About…, LIVING “WAGES”: Annuity Provider Moves to Equalize Gender Rates, DEFEND “END”: Obama Administration Says No More DOMA Defense, “OPEN” HOWS: IRS Offers Open House to Help With Taxes, SURVEY SAYS: What’s Your Take on Asset-Based Fees?

NewsDash – February 23, 2011 

EXTERNAL DRIVERS?: The PPACA’s External Review Requirement, “SPLIT” ENDS?: MassMutual Finds Gender Split in Asset Allocation Choices, “SPECIAL” INTERESTS: SIFMA Weighs in on Swaps Regulation, “SENIOR” MOMENTUM?: Invesco to Launch Senior Loan Portfolio ETF, BOND “YIELD”: Hungary Cancels Bond Issue Post Pension Takeover, TERMINATION LETTERS: IRS Offers 403(b) Termination Guidance

NewsDash – February 22, 2011 

RIGHT, “MINDED”: Picking the Right Retirement Plan Adviser, REPLACEMENT RATIONS: What’s on Plan Sponsors’ Minds, FUTURES TENSE: Public Fund CIOs Caution on Swaps Regulations, ADDED EMPHASIS: NQDC Plans Shift Emphasis, “SPECIAL’ TREATMENT: Why Being “Special” Isn’t, MEASURES “MIEN”: Consultant Finds Opportunities in UK Pensions Bill, STOCK “POT”: Court OKs Ford 401(k) Stock Drop Settlement

NewsDash – February 18, 2011 

TRAVEL TRAVAILS: Business Travel Can Be “Interesting”, SOCIAL “SECURITY?”: Corporate Policies Hinder Social Media Recruiting, ABSENCE, MINDED: MetLife Enhances Absence Management Solution, GROSS “POINTS”: PIMCO Fund Dumps U.S. Government Debt Holdings, RECORDS “RETENTION?”: Detroit City Pensions Draw SEC Scrutiny, MOODY’S “BLUES”: Moody’s Hammers Hungarian Pension Reforms , FORM REFORM: Ways and Means Votes to Repeal HCR 1099R Reporting

NewsDash – February 17, 2011 

MIX “CHECKS”: Why Participants Misuse Target-Date Funds, “WELL” VERSED: Reasons for Participating in Wellness Programs, MOVE “MEANT?”: Talent Shortages Loom at Broker-Dealers, TICKER “CYMBAL?”: Invesco, Select Sector SPDRS Settle Ticker Suit, SCANDAL “LIST”: NAPF Chair Calls for Pension Reform, “FRANK” DISCUSSION: Groups Caution on Dodd-Frank Pension Impact, SURVEY SAYS: Which President to Have a Drink With? 

NewsDash – February 16, 2011 

SAME CLAIM?: Must Premiums for Young Adults be the Same?, CONTINGENT “SEED?”: Recession Begets Contingent Workforce, LONG-TERM “CARE”: Workers Shifting Focus to Long-Term Planning, “LIFETIME” EMPLOYMENT?: Principal Names New LifeTime Funds Manager, “DISCOURAGING” WORDS?: NY Pensions Push Back on Pension Bashers, “PROPRIETARY” DATA: Consultants Say Proprietary RK Technology Unimportant, FABLED VALUES?: Study Says Stable Value Tops All Asset Classes

NewsDash – February 15, 2011 

SERVICE CHARGES: Is 2011 the Year of Disclosure?, ACADEMIC “REVIEW”: Congress Gets Public Pension Update, OWNER SHIFTS: The Unique Needs of Small Business Owners, DOWN “DRAFT?”: ETF Flows Rise, But Pace Slows, PREMIUM PUMP: Administration Proposes Shift in PBGC Premiums, “CAUSING” AFFECT?: Causation Defense Allowed in Stock Drop Case

NewsDash – February 14, 2011 

TRADE “FARE”: Two More Trade Groups Weigh in on Fiduciary Standard, EMBRACEABLE “EWW?”: Workplace Hugging Frowned On By Most Execs, RISING, TIED: Global Pension Assets Rise in 2010, CURRENCY “EXCHANGE”: Arkansas Pension Fund Sues State Street, “APPROACH” PATTERNS: CalSTRS Approves New Risk Mgmt Approach, NET “FIX?”: Renewed Demand for US Stock Funds in January, ‘COUNTER MEASURE: Bill Would Remove HCR Limits on FSA, HAS, SET, “BACK?”: EBSA Pushes Back Fee Disclosure Date

NewsDash – February 11, 2011 

ROMANCE STANCE: Workplace Romancers Would Do It Again, “SOCIAL” STANDING?: Could Social Network Profiles Replace Resumes?, DATING “CITES”: Office Romances Alive and Well, “COLLECTIVE” ASSESSMENT: Principal Trust TDFs Top $1 Billion, TIPS TOE?: ProShares Sets Up TIPS ETF, REVIEW QUEUE: Court OKs Expedited PPACA Challenge Review

NewsDash – February 10, 2011 

FINALIST LIST: Our Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year Finalists, CONTRIBUTION “LIMITS”: Wa. Treasurer Pushing for Funding Reform, “(b)” PREPARED: BPAS Connects With Fiduciary Benchmarks, ASSET “REIGN”: Milliman 100 Pension Funding Rises Again, PROGRAMME “ABLE”: Pensions Regulator Touts Plan Admin Tools, SURVEY SAYS: What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

NewsDash – February 9, 2011 

MONEY TALKS?: Incentives Take Larger Role in Wellness Programs, HIRE “EDUCATION”: Job Seekers Weigh in on Getting Hired, “WAIT” WATCHERS?: Many HR Execs Holding Off on Health Care Plans, “OVER” DEVELOPED: Frontier, Emerging Markets Smoking in 2010, “FIFTH” AVENUES: ETF Flows Rise for Fifth Consecutive Month, “SOCIAL” JUSTICE: Settlement Reached in Facebook Firing Case

NewsDash – February 8, 2011 

EXEMPT “ED?”: PPACA Testing Exemptions for Smaller Employers, TECH “TONIC”: Open Enrollment Season Sees More Technology, DATA “MINDING”: Morningstar Rolls Out New ETF Data Points, SURPRISE “SAYS”: NAREIT Study Offers Perspective on Pension Risk, “GREEN” SCREEN: Segal Points MultiEmployer Plans to Pension Relief, COMPLAINT “DEPORTMENT”: An Increase in FLSA/FMLA Suits?

NewsDash – February 7, 2011 

S.EX “APPEAL”: Savings Results Vary by Gender, LAUNCH “PAD”: MassMutual Launches RetireSmart Solutions, CAPITAL “BUILDING”: BB&T Funds Gets a New Name, MANDATE SLATE: UK’s NEST Corp. Names Mandate Winners, INCOME “TACTS”: Retirement Income Bill Reintroduced, FOUR “FOR”: Congressional Quartet Backs Fiduciary Proposal

NewsDash – February 4, 2011 

“ADDED” EMPHASIS: Expanded Fiduciary Role Will Cost More: SIFMA, “CHILL” PILL?: ERIC Cautions on Broader Fiduciary Definition, EXTENDED COVERAGE: ING Expands Portfolio Blueprint Reach, CRD “ABILITY”: MSSB Adds DC Plan Benchmarking Tool, CODE “BLEW?”: SEC Charges Fund Manager for Hiding Computer Error, ABATED TACKLE?: Mercer Says Trustees Hesitant to Challenge, WIN WHEN: Super Bowl XLV a Win-Win?

NewsDash – February 3, 2011 

MATCH BACK: MGM Resorts Brings Back its 401(k) Match, WANT “ADDS?”: Women Less Confident About Retirement, “BEYOND” COMPARE: Wells Launches Retirement Site for Women, FOCAL “POINTS”: Fidelity Unveils Retirement Income Planner Set, FIFTH “AVENUE”: Pension Funding Gap Narrows – Again, HARBOR “RING”: SPARK Urges Caution on Fiduciary Redefinition, SHADOW “BOX?”: SEC Makes More Money Fund Data Available

NewsDash – February 2, 2011 

CITE MAP: Check Out our Expanded DC Survey Access, “BEST” QUEST: Principal Sets Out on Tenth Search for 10 Best, FAST, TRACKED: Dow’s 84% Recovery Among the Fastest Ever, SOVERIGN “STATE”: SSgA Says Sovereign Funds Rethinking Strategy, DISCOVERY “CHANNEL”: Ariel Launches New Small-Cap Fund, HEDGE “EDGE”: UK Fund Launches Longevity Hedge for Non-Retirees, PUNXATAWNEY PROGNOSTICATIONS: Will Phil See His Shadow?

NewsDash – February 1, 2011 

CLAIM AIMS: What About the New Claims Appeals Requirements?, ADVISER ADVICE: Boomers Back Benefits of Financial Advisers, DIFFER RIFT?: Boomers Say Their Retirements Will be Different, “PEAK” PERFORMANCE”; The Most Stressful Part of the Week is…, BETTER “OFF”: EEOC Says Paycheck Rule Doesn’t Apply to Pensions, CONSTITUTION “NULL”:  Federal Judge Finds HCR Unconstitutional

NewsDash – January 31, 2011 

EXERCISE “ROOM?”: New Life for Workplace Waterboar.ding Suit, “INCOME” TACT: Financial Engines Unveils Retirement Income Solution, ROLL “OUT”: S&P Rolls Out GSCI Dynamic Roll Index, GUIDED “MISSIVE”: GuidedChoice Enhances Retirement Advice Program, TOP DRAW-ERS: Blackrock Tops ETF Providers List, “OUT” PLACEMENTS: Mini-Med Health Plan Waivers Surge

NewsDash – January 28, 2011 

TREND LINES: Trends to Watch in 2011, LIABILITIES “DRIVEN”: Moody’s Taking State Pensions into Account, FUND FACTS: Vanguard Tops Fund Manager Rankings, REPEAL “PEAL”: PPACA Repeal Introduced in Senate, DAMAGES “CONTROL?”: Bill to Cap Medical Malpractice Introduced, “STANDING” ROOM: Judge Grants Standing on HCR Challenge

NewsDash – January 27, 2011 

WARNING “LABELS”: How Much Target-Date Disclosure Do We Need?, MONETARY “POLICIES”: Looking Beyond Money to Attract Talent, SWEET 16?: MOSERS Racks Up 16% Return in 2010, SAVINGS “BONDS”: Employers Still (too) Focused on Savings?, BELGIAN “WAFFLE”: Political Stalemate Hinders Belgian Pension Reform, SURVEY SAYS: How Many “Best” Pictures Have You Seen?

NewsDash – January 26, 2011 

CLUTTER MUTTER?: What That Messy Desk Says to Others, “STABLE” VALUES: FTSE Group, AlphaSimplex Launch New Index Series, MULTI “FACETED”: Transamerica Expands Alternative Strategies, INQUIRING MINDS?: SEC Looking at Illinois Pension Disclosures, PAY SAY: Split SEC Adopts Say-on-Pay, “X” FILED: Global X Launches Two ETFs

NewsDash – January 25, 2011 

“NEXT” STEPS: What’s Next from the PPACA?, “MISSED” UNDERSTANDING?: A Real Hardship Distribution, COMPLIANCE OFFICES: Our 2011 Compliance Calendar, PASSING GRADE: Will Employers Pass On Health Care Cost Increases?, RECORD “SETTING”: ETF Flows Set a New Record, HERMES TIES: Hermes Beefs Up UK Institutional Team, RECONSIDER “RING”: Court Backs a New Standard for ERISA Relief

NewsDash – January 24, 2011 

HONOR ROLL: Announcing Our Plan Sponsor of the Year Finalists, HEALTH “CARES”: Health Care Tops HR Concerns for 2011, EGG “RULES?”: Some Early Boomers Now Off-Track for Retirement, EFFICIENT “FRONTIER”: Firm Launches ETF Offering for 403(b) Plans, WEEKLY “STANDARDS”: SPARK Institute Updates Info-Sharing Standard, MIDDLE GROUNDS: The Emerging Emerging Markets, ‘MEANS “TESTED”: Ways and Means Holds HCR Hearing

NewsDash – January 21, 2011 

GOALS “TENDING”: New Year’s Resolutions for Participants, “EXPECTED” VALUES?: Employer Provided Health Insurance Costs Headed Up, CLASS “ACTS”: Class-ifying Mutual Funds, EXTENDED “STAY”: HP Signs Up for 5 More Years with Fidelity, OVERSIGHT “CITE”: SEC Reports on RIA Oversight, SIX “PACK”: Twenty-Six States Now Challenge Health Care Law

NewsDash – January 20, 2011 

GROUP “THERAPY”: Group Decisions Not Always Better, “GO TO” GUISE: Most Go to Work When Sick, “ALIGN” MIEN: Most Realigning Performance, Pay, BIRD “CALL”: Former Congressman Sets Up at DC Law Firm, DISTRIBUTION “CHANNEL”: Aon Hewitt Calls for Fiduciary Extension, ESOP “POP?”: NCEO Cautions on Fiduciary Role Redefinition, NOISE “CANCELLING”: OSHA Pulls Back on Noise Standard, SURVEY SAYS: Have You Been Asked an Odd Interview Question?

NewsDash – January 19, 2011 

BACKWARD “GLANCES?”: Wardrobe Missteps Abound at Work, WAVE “PULL”: First Boomer Wave Savings Take 12% Hit, “ALTERNATIVE” ENERGIES?: More Expect More Allocations to Alternatives, “TURNING” POINTS: Stock Fund Surge Short-Lived?, WEAR WITHAL: Labor Court Grants Much Dress Code Leeway, “HORSE” SENSE: Court Backs Workers Comp for Horseplay Victim

NewsDash – January 18, 2011 

TEST “PATTERNS”: Non-Discrimination Tests Under PPACA, “BALANCED” APPROACH: ERIC Calls for Balance in TDF Disclosures, “LAST” RESOURCE: Retirees Avoid Spending Employer-Based Savings, RETENTION “RATES”: Benefits Boost Retention Prospects, BIAS “SAYS”: Could the UK’s Shift on Retirement Age Trigger Suits?, FLAT SCREEN: European Pension Funding Gap Flat in 2010, “JOIN” FORCES: Four More States Join Health Care Challenge

NewsDash – January 14, 2011 

“CLEAR” SAILING?: Towers Watson Sees Bright Future for Cash Balance, “NARROW” MINDED?: Pension Funding Gap Narrows in 2010: Aon Hewitt, “TARGET” AIMS: AllianceBernstein Launches TDFs for UK Pensions, MADOFF MONEY?: NCTR Takes on Teacher Pension Critic, OVER HEAD “PROJECTIONS”: TDF Disclosures Miss the Mark: SPARK, “METHOD” ACTIONS: AT&T Makes Pension Accounting Changes

NewsDash – January 13, 2011 

DETAILS ORIENTED?: Expanded DC Survey Now Online, MISBEHAVIORAL FINANCE: Why Plan Sponsors Fail, “BLUNDER” BUSS?: How Not to Pass That Job Interview, MICRO “WAVE”: Micro Market Plans Catching Up, TARGET MARKETS: Vanguard Finds Most “Get” Target Dates, EXTENSION CHORD: Comment Period Extended on Fiduciary Definition, SURVEY SAYS: How Do You Work Around Inclement Weather?

NewsDash – January 12, 2011 

DEBATE ABLE?: Voices on the Public Pension Funding Debate, BENCH “PRESSED”: NY Judges Pressing for Back Pay, Pensions, “SAFE” CRACKING?: Managing Your Transition Manager, WESTWOOD “HOLD”: WHG SMidCap Fund Closes to New Investors, FLOATING “RATES”: What If Money Markets Move to Floating NAVs?, “CONTROLLED” SUB.STANCE: Court Finds Control Makes TPA a Fiduciary

NewsDash – January 11, 2011 

‘COUNTER INTELLIGENCE: PPACA’s Impact on OTC FSA Purchases, “TOUGH” STUFF: When the Going Gets Tough, the Best Employers …, “UNDERTAKE” STAKES?: Pension Coalition Calls out Big Banks, GALLEON “GROUP”: SEC Snags More in Galleon Insider Trading Net, “NEW” OPPORTUNITIES: UBS Launches Fixed Income Fund, MOT “POINTS”: New Year’s Resolutions for DC Trustees

NewsDash – January 10, 2011 

SEEKER FINDINGS: Job Seekers Pretty Pumped Up, BENEFIT SPLITS: Have Benefit Cuts Peaked?, “SAY” SEW: Most Favor Say-on-Pay Votes Every Three Years, MUNICIPAL “BOUNDS?”: SEC Looking into California Pension Disclosures?, FREEZING “POINTS”: SEC Freezes Hedge Fund Assets, BLIND “ALLIES?”: Court Finds Limits in Prudence Presumption, “WRECK” RUNE: Ryan Says PPACA is “Fiscal Train Wreck”

NewsDash – January 7, 2011 

SPEND SHIFTS?: Many Don’t Measure Wellness Results, ACTIONS “ORIENTED”: 2010 Big Year for Employment-Related Lawsuits, CHANGE “PARSE”: Job Changers Say Benefits Trump Pay, DIRECTION “NULLS?”: Businesses Taking New Directions, WORLD PIECES?: Janus Launches Two New Funds, WHICH “CRAFT?” Witchcraft Deemed an Official Profession

NewsDash – January 6, 2011 

WITHHOLDING “TACTS”: Following Up on the FICA Savings Pitch, “MUDDLE” GROUNDS: Blackrock’s Doll Paints Rosy Picture for Stocks, REIT “FETE”: REITs Deliver in 2010, Q UP: Prudential Launches Q Share Class, NUCLEAR “FUSION”: Van Eck Renames Nuclear Energy ETF, GLASS FEELINGS?: Could Wearing Glasses Boost Your Career Prospects?, SURVEY SAYS: What Will You Do With FICA Savings?

NewsDash – January 5, 2011 

“REACTION” AIRING: A Savings Pitch for Participants, “ELIGIBLE” ABILITIES: Benefit Express Adds Dependent Audit Service, “COMMON” SENSE. Most Commonly Added Investment Options, “VIX” MIX: ProShares Launches Volatility ETFs, FOCUS “GROUP”: EBSA Lays Out Agenda on Fee Transparency, “KILLING”, FIELDED: GOP Ready to Take on PPACA, TAX “MIEN?”: An Extra Day to File Your Taxes?

NewsDash – January 4, 2011 

LIMIT LESS?: The Restrictions on Annual, Lifetime Limits Under PPACA, “DIE” CASTE: No Need to Save?, REFORM “ORATORY”: 8% of Employers ‘Very Likely’ to Drop Health Care, PAY “SCALE?”: Median Pay Expected to Rise in 2011: Hay Group, SUIT “CASED”: Wilmington Trust Targeted in 401(k) Stock Suit, VAROOM “ROOM”: Variable Annuity w/ETF SubAccounts Seeks Rollovers, “LOCAL” NEWS: TCW Emerging Markets Local Currency Fund Emerges

NewsDash – January 3, 2011 

TRENDS LINES: Slips, Blips, Dips, and Tips from 2010, DECISION “POINTS”: Memorial Health Suspends 401(k) Match, HEALTHY SKEPTICISM?: Most See No Change in Health in 2011, ‘LIFE “BUY”: Asset International Makes Australian Acquisition, PITT’S “STOP?”: Pittsburgh Council Pulls Off Pension Fix, “OPTIMISTIC” ASSESSMENT: Are You Optimistic About the New Year?, “SYNE” LANGUAGE: What Does Auld Lang Syne Mean, Anyway?