A Little Friday File Fun (09/19)

September 19, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...

Well, here’s a thousand….

– – -Near Cambridge, UK, freak atmospheric conditions formed a rare rainbow – – – one that is upside down – – – More accurately termed a “circumzenithal arc,” the phenomenon occurs when sunlight bounces off ice crystals high in the atmosphere sending the rays back up. You can see it online at http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1697937.ece

It may be grammatically awkward, but here is how not to show off...

If you are unable to view the video, try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g45KtHN37bo   

On this one, frankly, you might want some "change"...

- - - And finally, in Knoxville, Tennessee , police received a 911 call from Richard Anthony Smith, 25, who said he was trapped in an air conditioning duct leading from the roof of the Knoxville Museum of Art - - - turns out he was hanging upside down in the shaft (about 45 feet down, in fact)- - - asked to explain how he came to be in the predicament, Richard told them he was a "special agent from the United States Illuminati, badge number 0931" and had rappelled onto the museum from a helicopter - - - where he was under orders to "defuse and confiscate" a Soviet-made nuclear warhead, specifically a "MERV6SS-22AN" warhead - - - that was supposedly hidden in a blue, plastic cow sculpture in the museum basement - - - however, Richard told officers that his "agency" called while he was in air-vent limbo to say it made a mistake - - - and the bomb might be in a Memphis museum instead - - - you can see "agent" Smith at   http://hosted.ap.org/photos/1/1faf8a79-e802-477f-a85d-42b9fdbcf404-small.jpg

Those committed to the notion of Paul McCartney's untimely death have found validation in a surprising number of album covers and songs (yes, including some that have to be played backwards).  

However, my "favorite" has always been the cover of the Abbey Road album.   How many clues can you name (find)?

  • Paul's eyes are closed and he is in his bare feet, both representative of a corpse.
  • Paul is out of step with the other Beatles (his right foot is forward, the others are leading with their left foot).
  • Paul is smoking with his right hand, however Paul is left-handed (supposedly an indication that an imposter was brought in for the photograph).
  • An ambulance is parked on the right side of the street.
  • The car in the background appears to be headed directly at Paul.  
  • The VW bug that is parked on the left side of the street has a license plate that says '28IF'. Paul would have been 28 when this album was released, IF he would have lived.