A Little Friday File Fun

If you have a wrist tattoo, a warning about the new Apple Watch. Users have reported that tattoos cause the watch to lose connection and require them to enter their passwords repeatedly. Sky News reports that darker tattoos appear to cause more problems than lighter ones.

In Gambell, Alaska, of 80 frozen pizzas stolen in the village, 75 have been recovered, according to Alaska State Troopers. Village police officers received their “strongest investigative lead” in the case when two men called the Gambell Police Department and tried to sell the pizzas to on-duty officers, according to Alaska Dispatch News.

In Niagara, Ontario, Canada, Niagara Regional Police were monitoring traffic when an officer’s attention was drawn to a green 2000 Dodge Caravan with no license plate. As the vehicle approached, the officer noticed it also had no sliding side doors, the rear windows were missing and several items were sticking out of the open doors, CTV News reports. A wooden stool was strapped to the van’s roof, and a triangular slow moving vehicle sign was tied across the back of the van where the license plate should have been. Police stopped the vehicle, and said its 66-year-old driver told them his license was suspended. There was also no insurance on the van. Upon investigation, police realized the man had been stopped driving the same vehicle on the same road in neighboring Fort Erie two weeks earlier.

In Los Angeles, California, a woman who was told she had a brain tumor had surgery to remove it. She said she was shocked when she awoke and doctors told her that the “tumor” turned out to be her embryonic twin, according to UPI. Doctors said it had bones, hair and teeth. The woman is expected to make a full recovery.

In Warwick, Rhode Island, a woman thought a pipe had burst when she returned home to find water pouring from her garage ceiling. She went upstairs to find the source of the running water and discovered a wild turkey had crashed through a bathroom window and somehow turned on the sink, according to the Associated Press. She estimates the sink had been running for two to three hours and that caused thousands of dollars of damage to her home. Police and a Department of Environmental Management officer caught the turkey and released it. 

Theories for why we experience déjà vu.

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In New Orleans, Louisiana, strong winds blowing cars of a moving train off a bridge was caught on camera. UPI reports there were no injuries.

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In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, a man chasing his wayward camel down a highway was captured on cell phone video.

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