A Little Friday File Fun

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a man loves resting on the rocks by the sea—wearing a colorful mermaid tail. “It’s a lifestyle, a way of expressing my love and respect for the sea and this encounter between two worlds. When I’m in the water I feel like another person,” he told Agence France-Presse as he leisured on rocks with his handmade tail glittering in the sun.

In Brentwood, Tennessee, a high school girl got acceptance to Yale University with an essay written about ordering pizza. The Tennessean reports she was accepted to the Ivy League school in March, with an admissions officer noting her standout answer to a short-essay prompt to write about something she loves to do: order pizza from Papa John’s. However, she’ll be attending Auburn University, saying she felt it was a better fit and liked the scholarships.

In New York City, a nursing student was on a train to attend his graduation ceremony at Manhattan’s Hunter College. He was dressed in his cap and gown, but the subway got stuck. He told CBS New York he was upset at first as minutes turned to hours. Finally, his friend played a graduation song and the whole subway car got in on the act. His friend handed him a mock diploma and shook his hand as passengers wished him well. He finally arrived at the real commencement just as it was ending.

In Sussex, Wisconsin, a water tower just has the word “S.EX” on it. A contractor told TODAY’S TMJ4 that it wasn’t their initial intention to leave the tower in that state, but explained that workers ran into a venting issue, and had to stop the job in order to let the paint dry. The tower is getting a new logo and workers were applying a layer of primer. Workers are expected to cover up the unfortunate message, but still have to work on the other side of the tower that still reads “Sussex.”  And, the contractor couldn’t guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again.

I think in baby talk this means, “Get off the couch!”

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Minor league baseball player strikes out with one pitch.

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Google has released its 2017 top searched “how to spell” words by State. The May 30 post can be found on this page: https://twitter.com/GoogleTrends.