A Little Friday File Fun

New information from Wakefield Research found one in 10 couples (married or unmarried) ended their relatively recent relationships over disagreements about President Donald Trump. Young people are statistically even more susceptible to this trend, with 22% splitting.

At a lake in Orlando, Florida, a 10-year old girl was sitting in a designated swim area when an 8-foot, 9 inch long alligator latched onto her leg. The brave girl fought back, first by poking the alligator in its nose and then by pulling down on its lower jaw, which freed her leg, ABC News reported. The girl said she learned the escape tactics during a visit to Gatorland, a local wildlife attraction.

In Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, a woman decided to walk rather than drive after a night drinking. According to The Tribune-Review, she ended up at a stranger’s house, where she tried — and failed — to enter through a window. She then successfully climbed through the window of a nearby home. The home’s owner noticed the window open, became alarmed and called police. Officers found the woman sleeping in a bed.

In Danville, Indiana, some daring deer approached a group of hunters. One was so unafraid that it licked the barrel of a shotgun and allowed one of the men to stroke its neck. According to the Associated Press, one of the hunters said the young animals didn’t have their mother with them “to teach them what is dangerous.” The men were hunting turkey.

In Aberdeen, UK, a college student left a pineapple on a table at an art expedition as a prank. According to the UK’s Metro, the student returned four days later to find it had been put in a glass display box. “We were shocked and in disbelief. We didn’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes,” he said. “It lasted there until Wednesday evening, until the rest of the display was taken away and it was the last thing left.”

In Flathead County, Montana, a police blotter reports that a Columbia Falls man called to report that his neighbor’s dog is a jerk.

Pulling down this tree didn’t go as planned (so funny).

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Her Mom totally video bombs her dance video.

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Apparently, floor gaps scare this vacuum cleaner.

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