A Little Friday File Fun

Somewhere between Houston and Calgary, a man was eating his meal on a United Airlines flight when something fell on his head. He reached up to grab it, and it was a scorpion. He dropped it on his plate in alarm. When he went to pick it off his plate, it stung him. According to several news reports, it mostly got his fingernail and the man is ok.

In Weiner, Arkansas, a 10-year-old girl received a goat for her birthday. Her father said he didn’t approve at first. But, the following weekend, the girl awakened to the goat jumping on her. She saw smoke; the garage was on fire. The girl was able to awaken her parents and the family got out of the house. The father told Inside Edition, “I didn’t approve at first. But, he’ll be here from now on.”

In Sperry, Oklahoma, the police chief issued himself a speeding ticket after being caught on video. He admits he’s not sure he would have issued the ticket if not for the video, and that he had a “reason for being in a hurry,” according to the Associated press. Nonetheless, he says he must “be held accountable.” He wrote himself a more than $300 ticket and says he’ll pay it in full.

In Northumbria, UK, a man tweeted a selfie of himself noting that it was his last day as a single man. The problem is, he was wearing mirrored sunglasses, which clearly showed he was driving while taking the selfie. The Metro UK reports that police are now looking for him and have tweeted him back saying “please get in touch and we’ll send you your wedding present. £200 fine & 6 points.”

In Kilkenny, Ireland, one hotel may have the best customer service in the world. As a prank, when a man booked his stay at the hotel, he added a special requirement that the hotel put a framed picture of Christopher Walken as he appeared in Pulp Fiction in his hotel room. He never thought the hotel would do it, according to news.com.au, but when he arrived, there it was.

Hand yoga poses that allegedly help with health and other issues.

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Hiccups can occur at inopportune times.

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Such a small tree; such a big mistake.

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