A Little Friday File Fun

New versions of Monopoly will no longer give players the option of using a tiny silver-colored thimble as their pawn on the board, after fans voted to drop the piece that had featured in the game since its introduction in 1935, Reuters reports. Players also had the option to vote online on a new pawn to replace the thimble, with choices including monster trucks and flip-flops. Hasbro plans to reveal their choice next month.

In London England, a woman met a man on a dating site and they went out on a date. When he asked for a second date, though, she replied she was not interested. That’s when he sent her a message saying he was deeply disappointed and would appreciate it if she contributed to the amount he spent on her. He said he had saved up to give her a really nice date. The bill for the date was about $60 U.S. The UK’s Metro reports that she did refund him for the date, but also sent the same amount to a donkey sanctuary.

In Meridian, Idaho, a teen broke into a home and was trying to get into a g.un safe when suddenly, a squirrel came flying out of nowhere and scratched him. The teen was frightened, took what he could, and left. Turns out the squirrel lived in the home as a pet, since it was discovered in a flower pot by a friend’s daughter when he was about one week old, the Associated Press reports.

In Munich, Germany, the driver of a $74,460 Tesla Model S spotted another car on the Autobahn driving erratically. He pulled up next to the car and noticed the driver was in trouble. “The driver had tipped forward and hung motionless in his seatbelt,” the man told German newspaper Munchner Merker. “His head and hands hung limply.” The Tesla driver moved in front of the other car and slowly pumped his brakes until both his Tesla and the Passat came to a stop. He got out of his car and went into the Passat to check on the man, who he determined had a pulse, but was also foaming at the mouth. The news report says the man had a stroke, but is now in stable condition. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the company would cover the costs of repairs in appreciation for the driver’s actions.

This beagle gets distracted several times at the dog show. So cute.

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You’ve heard of golf-widows; this woman is a virtual-reality widow.

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