A Little Friday File Fun

In New York City, The Bronx Zoo is offering people the chance to name one of its Madagascar hissing cockroaches in honor of someone for Valentine’s Day. The zoo in New York City started offering the name-a-roach program in 2011 as a fun way to fundraise, according to the Associated Press. For $10, recipients get an emailed certificate telling them one of the insects from the world’s largest roach species has been named for them. This year, the zoo is also offering to send along chocolates or a Madagascar cockroach plush toy for higher donations. The money goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

In Fostoria, Ohio, a police officer tried to stop a driver who wasn’t using headlights and kept braking, and the vehicle took off at 70 mph, WTOL-TV reported. The vehicle eventually struck a curb and stopped in a restaurant parking lot. That’s when the officer discovered that the driver was a 10-year-old boy who took his parents’ car without permission and drove 11 miles to a nearby city to shop at a convenience store.

In Council Bluffs, Iowa, a police officer found a 12-year-old boy walking along an Interstate 80 ramp at 6:30 a.m. in the morning. The boy said his mother left him after he got out of the car over an argument about which shoes to wear to school. According to the Des Moines Register, police say the mother initially verified the boy’s account, asking police, “What am I supposed to do? Be late for work?” She has been charged with child endangerment and abandonment.

In Geraldton, Australia, police stopped a speeder going 80 miles per hour. The driver told officers, “The wind was pushing me.” He was charged a $200 fine and given two demerit points.

In Port St. Lucie, Florida, a resident called police because a man with a mop over his face kept banging on his door or window. Police caught up with the man who told them, “I was born a comedian … and I liked to tease people … I was short of an egg and needed eggs to make a cake.”

Somewhere in East Texas, a 75-year-old woman was hiding in her bathtub as a tornado approached her home. According to a local news station, the tornado tore the roof off the home, then lifted the bathtub and carried it until it landed in nearby woods. The woman was unharmed.

Just a compilation of some short videos that will make you laugh. (I didn’t like the one with the bike, though.)

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