A Little Friday File Fun

In Denver, Colorado, and LaJolla, California, two ladies gave birth to their children on the same day, at the same time, in their specific time zones. What makes the story interesting is that the ladies are identical twin sisters. Today.com reports the first baby was born 1:18 a.m. Mountain time last Thursday in Denver. An hour later, the second baby was delivered 1:18 a.m. Pacific time in California.

In Berlin, Germany, a man wrote his own obituary prior to passing away. When it ran it described the man as “open, honest and unforgiving” and says his five siblings and their families are forbidden from attending his memorial service.

In Gastonia, North Carolina, a couple facing assault charges used an unusual weapon. They got into a fight at their apartment and started throwing pizza rolls at each other. The local Fox News station doesn’t say who called police, but the man faces 60 days in jail and the woman faces 30 days in jail.

In Conestoga Township, Pennsylvania, a woman arrived home from work and found a note on her door that said: “Don’t be scared when you come in, Bob is here.” She walked in and found a man sleeping on her living room sofa. Police arrived and tried several attempts to wake the man. He was under the influence of a controlled substance and was in possession of several prescription drugs not prescribed to him, the local Fox News station reported. Investigators say the woman’s boyfriend knows the man, but not well, and had no idea the man found out where they live. The man was arrested for criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance.

In Cleveland, Ohio, a man approached a vehicle at a gas station and attempted to rob the people inside. However, when he tried to pull a gun from his waistband, it got stuck, and he shot himself in the groin. The local NBC News station said the man was taken to the hospital and will face charges.

In Moscow, Russia, airline travelers were delayed for seven hours due to a woman’s urgent decision to get a divorce. She demanded to get off the plane. The crew tried to discourage her from leaving, but she repeated over and over, “I am not in the mood to fly now,” according to the UK’s Daily Mail. Due to safety regulations, everyone was forced to exit the plane and have their luggage security-screened again.

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