A Little Friday File Fun

In Pascagoula, Mississippi, about 350 residents were sent jury summonses that instructed them to call a phone number to find out if they needed to show up for jury selection. However, when they called, they instead heard a recorded message saying, “For hot girls, press 1. For hot guys, press 2.” The Daily Mix reports the clerk’s office has apologized for sending the residents a phone s.ex hotline.

In Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England, owners of a cat have been distraught since their 9-month-old pet disappeared in 2014. However, workers at a pet store two miles away from the cat owners recently became suspicious when they noticed treats starting disappearing. According to the UK’s Mirror, they placed a trail of kitty treats leading up to a basket suspended over a pressure pad which would cause it drop leaving the culprit inside. That’s when they found the runaway cat, now 2 years old and double its size. “He seems fine now. He definitely recognizes us, he’s just fatter now,” the owners said.

In Kilgore, Texas, a man went into Taco Bueno and filled out an employment application. As he left, a customer, who had left his car running, was coming in to fix an incorrect order. The job applicant then jumped into the running car and took off with it. The local ABC News station reported that the manager at Taco Bueno provided contact information for the thief to police taken from his job application. The thief was arrested. “Who goes and applies for a job and then steals a car in the parking lot?” asked Roman Roberson with the Kilgore Police Department.

What makes one chicken’s egg twice the size of another egg? What’s inside.

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Uses for binder clips.

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In Barry Island, South Wales, a weather reporter was in the midst of a fierce storm when a fish hit her in the face.

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