A Little Friday File Fun

In Argentina, a tourist from Brazil stopped to get gas then drove off. After travelling 96 kilometers (about 50 miles), he realized he forgot something—his wife. Apparently, while he was pumping gas, his wife, who was asleep in the back seat, awoke and went into the store to get a snack.

In the UK, a concerned parent posted online a note from her child’s teacher encouraging parents to teach their children to learn the spelling of six words. The words, as listed on the note, were “accommodate,” “immediateley,” “communicate,” “physical,” “equip,” and “sincerley.”

In LaPorte, Indiana, a man, who news reports say was into.xicated, pulled up to a McDonald’s drive-through and ordered meals for himself and his passengers. When he pulled up the window to pay, he gave the cashier some money and a plastic bag. The employee noticed that the plastic bag contained a dark, rocky substance and called police. The substance turned out to be her.oin. Police are looking for the customer.

In Laverton, Western Australia, thieves attempted to siphon gas from a tour bus, but the evidence they left revealed they took away something different. According to the UK’s The Mirror, the tour bus was found with a cap on the ground, but it was to the bus sewage tank, not the gas tank. Laverton Police Senior Sergeant Heath Soutar said, “We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

In Wiltshire, England, a woman called 999 to report she was trapped in her house by a large, poisonous spider. According to the Associated Press, the woman told the 999 operator that she had recently had furniture delivered to her home from overseas and thought the spider had traveled to her home with it. An officer was sent to investigate, and discovered the “spider” actually was a piece of fluff.

Winter life hacks.

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How to take off your kid’s boots with one hand.

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The violin can sound very much like car, and other, alarms.

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