A Little Friday File Fun

In Somerset, Pennsylvania, a 47-year-old woman crashed her car, was arrested for DU.I, tested for blood-alcohol levels and then released. After her release from the state police barracks, the woman offered a stranger $3 for a ride back to her crashed vehicle, which she entered and began driving. According to WTAE in Pittsburgh, police said the woman again lost control of the car and sideswiped a parked car, then crashed into a shed. She was charged the same day for a second DU.I.

In Devon, England, a 16-year-old student changed his naturally blond hair to a reddish-pink. But, his school didn’t like it, so he was told to go home and not return until his hair ‘meets the published requirements.’ According to the UK’s Metro, the student’s dad claims that there is no rule against a student dyeing his or her hair any color.

In New York City, a 27-year-old real estate broker and her friend were apparently so disorderly when they hopped into a cab that the driver drove them to the 13th Precinct police station. The Gothamist reports that, when the cab driver got out of the cab to enter the police station, the broker hopped behind the wheel and drove away. Police were able to catch up with her when she was forced to pull over to throw up.

In St. Augustine, Florida, a woman was shopping in a Walmart one night when she heard someone running behind her. Before she could turn around, an 18-year-old man struck her with a pillow. The woman told the man “that’s not really cool,” but he just laughed. Jacksonville’s CBS News station reported that police were called because the woman was scared and upset. The man told police it was a joke, and that he uses it as an unorthodox method to meet people.

In Minturn, Colorado, a public restroom was named winner of the 2015 Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom Awards. According to UPI, the town of Minturn is set to receive $2,500 worth of restroom services provided by Cintas. The restrooms are made of 320 fabricated wood pieces and feature turquoise walls and steel butterflies on the ceilings. Cintas annually compiles a list of the nation’s best bathrooms based on a set of criteria including cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality and unique design elements. The list of ten finalists is then put to a national vote to determine the winner.  http://www.bestrestroom.com/us/press/press-winner-minturn-abr.asp  

In Louisville, Kentucky, there is a new scourge in the city housed inside Metro Government’s own offices. According to INSIDER Louisville, Metro Planning & Design Services manager Joe Reverman sent an email to department staff and administrators saying, “We have recently discovered mass quantities of boogers on the two walls around the urinal in the 3rd floor men’s restroom.” The email threatened retribution, and advised everyone to be lookout for and report suspicious activity. In a follow-up email, Heather Plowman, an executive administrator of Develop Louisville, gave Metro Planning & Design employees tips about how to properly dispose of their boogers, and she said signs were being made to give them a daily reminder of such procedures.

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