A Little Friday File Fun

In Sugar Land, Texas, people arriving for work at a shopping center discovered an alligator in the parking lot—an 800-pound alligator! A trapper was called to take the animal away. After discovering the gator was blind in one eye and only had partial vision in the other, it was decided to take the animal to a gator reserve for its safety.

In Tiffin, Ohio, an inebr.iated man asked his neighbor to take him to a gas station to buy barbecue sauce for a chicken dinner. However, store clerks would not let the neighbor drive the man back home and reported it to police—the neighbor was a 9-year-old boy.

In Spartanburg County, South Carolina, police responded to the home of a couple that had called 911 several times. They reported they saw worms and camouflaged people coming out of the floor of their vehicle, as well as possums and people jumping out of their refrigerator and microwave. According to WYFF, when deputies were there, the two said they had photos of the events, but showed them photos of a basketball goal and tree instead. Because the two had rapid eye tremors and rapid heart rates, police suspect they were on dru.gs.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, officer Michael Szeliga of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, was scheduled to receive an award at a Mothers Against Dru.nk Driving (MADD) conference, for making more than 100 DUI arrests. However, according to RAWSTORY, when he arrived at the conference, his supervisors encountered him, and described him as being “wasted.” They sent him back to his hotel room to miss out on both the conference and his award.

In Phoenix, Arizona, police responded to a report of shoplifting, and one suspect ran and fled up onto the roof of a Motel 6. He issued a demand for his surrender—special donuts, jelly filled and covered with powdered sugar, the local NBC station reported. Police called a Dunkin Donuts, and the manager agreed to help them out. He delivered the donuts and some coffee, and police apprehended the suspect.

In New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia, a pregnant woman awoke one morning to find her baby was on its way. She called an Ambulance Tasmania dispatcher who asked to speak to her partner. The dispatcher told her partner, “Have a look and see what you can see.” Her partner then said, “I’m out of here, I’m going to pass out or be sick. I’m going.” According to ABC Australia, the dispatcher coached the woman through the birth herself over the phone.

I need an alarm like this.

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Before launching a bowling ball up a ramp while driving fast, think it through.

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