A Little Friday File Fun

In Orient, Maine, police say a 29-year-old man was driving with seven passengers who decided to take a group selfie. The driver leaned over to join the photo, ran off the road and into a tree. According to the local NBC News station, several passengers suffered injuries, including cuts, a fractured nose and neck and back injuries. The driver was cited for failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle due to being distracted.

In Acailandia, Brazil, two men on a motorcycle approached three women and demanded their cell phones. But, they didn’t realize the women had just left jiu-jitsu training and one was an MMA fighter. Realizing that the men were unarmed, MMA fighter Monique Bastos lifted the rear wheel of the motorcycle and sent them tumbling to the ground, according to MMAfighting.com. One man was able to get away, but Bastos put the other in a chokehold with her legs and held him until police arrived.

In Bradenton, Florida, a man was arrested after attacking his mom—with potato salad. According to The Smoking Gun, when the woman and her son sat down to dinner, they got into an argument and the son started pelting her with potato salad in the face. Allegedly he pushed her to the floor, and when she threatened to call 911, he fled the house on a bicycle. A police officer, who said the man seemed into.xicated, stopped him a few blocks from the home and arrested him. He is charged with a misde.meanor battery count and a probation violation.

In Winchester, Kentucky, a man hired a pros.ti.tute who stole his wallet and fled. He went after the woman and when he reached her apartment door, he started banging on it and yelling and saying he was a police officer. According to the local CBS News station, a concerned neighbor called police. When a real police officer showed up, the man told him to go away because he was a police officer. When the real police officer tried to get the man away from the door, the man charged at him, and the real officer tased the man. The man was charged with impersonating a peace officer, menacing, disorderly conduct and public into.xication.

In Denver, Colorado, two would-be robbers had a bad day. The local ABC News station reports that the two men first approached a couple on a train, and demanded money at gu.npoint. The couple didn’t have any money, so the suspects walked away. The men then approached a second couple, who pointed out that their g.un wasn’t loaded, so they couldn’t even shoot them. When the train stopped, the two men ran, and one of them loaded the g.un while he ran. When they approached another group of people, a fight ensued and the man with the g.un lost it in the fight and was shot. He was taken to the hospital, and the other man was arrested.

One thing I love about cats is their ability to play it cool through pain or embarrassment.

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This fearless TV reporter was embarrassed by his reaction to a bug.

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If your vehicle is already hoisted onto the tow truck, you lost. Give up.

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