A Little Friday File Fun

In Alliance, Ohio, a 44-year-old woman faces a charge of misuse of 911. She called to say her Chinese food “was not up to par for her liking,” according to Cleveland, Ohio’s local FOX News station. Police responded and arrested her.

In Roseland, Illinois, a man was playing be.er pong at a 4th of July party and pulled out a 9mm semi.auto.matic gu.n in an effort to distract his opponent, according to DNAinfo. The man waved the gun in his opponent’s face to distract him during his turn, and the opponent pushed the man away. That’s when the gun went off, striking the opponent in his finger and another man, who was sitting nearby texting, in his shoulder. The victims drove themselves to the hospital, and the man was arrested at his home the next day.

In Exeter, England, the Exeter Express & Echo received a letter from two disgruntled prisoners at the Exeter Prison. Their complaint: The Sudoku puzzled published in the May 21 edition is “impossible” to complete. The two claim that 84 other prisoners agree with them. Their frustration is exacerbated by the fact they cannot get the solution to the puzzle as they are only allowed to have Thursday’s edition each week.

In Berlin, Germany, a 34-year-old man threw a bike through a restaurant window, entered and drank half a bottle of Tabasco. Police were alerted and found the man still in the restaurant. According to the Associated Press, he told police he broke in because he was thirsty. Yes, he was into.xicated.

Your daily inspiration—from a little boy who just learned to ride a bike.

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This is what happens when you try to kiss a llama.

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Over Nashville, Tennessee, this is what fireworks look like from an airplane.

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