AARP Launches Social Security Benefits Calculator

November 15, 2011 ( - AARP announced the launch of its Social Security Benefits Calculator, an interactive tool designed to help people make the decision about what is the best age to claim Social Security benefits to meet their financial goals.

The calculator is part of AARP’s new “Ready for Retirement?” effort, a 10-step approach to envisioning and planning for a secure retirement, which includes creating a budget and preparing for the unexpected.  

The AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator walks users through a simple, question-and-answer format and provides estimates for both monthly and lifetime benefits across a range of ages. It also allows users to customize their experience by calculating spousal benefits and taking into account the impact of continuing to work while collecting benefits. It gives users the opportunity to compare estimated monthly benefits to expected expenses in retirement, and to print a personalized summary report.  

“Choosing to claim benefits early – or late – is a highly personal decision made all the more difficult by the weak economy,” said Jean Setzfand, vice president of financial security at AARP. “With health, employment, lifestyle and savings among the many variables to consider, no one age is right for everyone. However, the later you decide to claim, the greater the potential benefits may be for you and for your family. Our calculator helps people weigh the variables and make an informed decision for their individual circumstances.”  

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The “Ready for Retirement?” 10-step guidelines incorporate evaluating your health, building your social network and finding new ways to cut expenses. 

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