ABG of Michigan Introduces Financial Wellness Program

ABGMI works with each company and its financial adviser to design a custom program based on the company’s goals, objectives, and employee demographics.

ABG of Michigan (ABGMI) introduced “fly!,” a holistic consulting and action program that helps employees achieve personal financial success.

ABGMI notes that the need for financial wellness programs stems from the reality that too many people carry enormous debt from school loans to credit cards and home mortgages. They struggle to budget. They have little or no emergency savings. Importantly, they are in no position to take advantage of their company’s retirement plan. As a result, employees don’t save and employers have a harder time reaching their goals. And retirement plan and investment professionals have a harder time helping both employers and employees succeed in creating retirement income.

ABGMI works with each company and its financial adviser to design a custom program based on the client’s goals, objectives, and employee demographics. Implementation is a collaboration between ABGMI and financial advisers to present meetings, webinars, email and messaging campaigns, and one-on-one personal chats that help maximize reach and engagement. ABGMI monitors and assesses progress and periodically recommends changes to improve outcomes.

In addition to original videos, messages, meetings and personal consulting, ABGMI researches programs available nationally and selects those that best align with the company’s values and commitment to excellence. The result is a comprehensive mix of group and personal resources delivered to optimize participation and success.

Carol Tracey, ABGMI executive vice president and principal, says, “We believe financial wellness is a process, not a subscription, and together with our adviser partners, we can deliver real value. We have no interest in being just one more offering. We’re here to make a difference.”

Learn more about fly! at fly.abgmi.com.