ADP 529 Adds "Two" Its 529 Deduction Platform

July 28, 2003 ( - Banc of America Capital Management and PIMCO Advisor 529 products are the newest addition to ADP Employer Services' 529 payroll deduction platform.

The newest members are the Future Scholar Program , managed by Banc of America Capital Management and administered by the Office of the State Treasurer of the State of South Carolina – and CollegeAccess 529 Plan , managed by PIMCO Advisors Distributors and sponsored by the State of South Dakota, according to a news release.

Integration of these programs with the ADP 529 payroll deduction platform was achieved through joint development with PFPC Inc., a member of the PNC Financial Services Group. All of the 529 College Savings Plans on ADP’s 529 Payroll Deduction Platform are available nationwide to both residents and non-residents of the sponsoring state.

For more information about ADP’s 529 Payroll Deduction Program for college savings contact 800-565-0367 ext. 527 or visit the company’s Web site at . Plan providers/administrators can learn more about ADP’s 529 Partners Program by dialing 973-974-2124.