ADP Adds SmartDollar to its Stable of Financial Wellness Programs

It is in addition to a number of other financial wellness programs that ADP already makes available.

ADP is partnering with SmartDollar to offer the latter’s mobile-friendly financial wellness program to all of ADP’s clients.

ADP already offers a number of financial wellness programs, including those of Pay Activ, DailyPay, Loan Benefits, MeYou Health, Gradifi and Peanut Butter. Employers may log in to the ADP product they use to find out the cost.

“At ADP, we offer a holistic financial wellness program that can be customized to meet the workplace needs of employers and their employees,” says Chris Luongo, division vice president of strategy, marketing and business services at ADP Retirement Services. “We accomplish this by building relationships with providers, like SmartDollar, specializing in delivering financial wellness solutions.”

Brian Hamilton, vice president at SmartDollar, adds: “Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and nearly half couldn’t afford a $400 emergency without borrowing money. Together, with the extensive reach of ADP, and easy access through ADP Marketplace, more employees than ever can begin to use their most powerful wealth-building tool—their income—to eliminate debt, save for the future and be more productive at work.”
More information about the program can be found here.