ADVISORport Launches Hedge Fund MSA

June 23, 2003 ( - ADVISORport announced the launch of its first series of Multi-Strategy Accounts (MSA's) to include an allocation to hedge funds.

Employing a single account that encompasses a diversified mix of investment strategies, ADVISORport’s MSAs now offer DB Hedge Strategies Fund LLC, a registered fund of hedge funds from DB Absolute Return Strategies, according to a news release.

ADVISORport’s MSA product is available only through financial advisors, and is designed to address the need of investors who seek separate account management but lack the minimum balance for a well-diversified mix of traditional, managed accounts and hedge funds. The equity strategies offered by MSA currently include equity investment styles represented by Rittenhouse Financial, Federated Investors, Logan Capital, Lotsoff Capital, OFI Private Investments and proprietary managers supplied by client firms. Investors also can opt for a balanced strategy that facilitates fixed income exposure through mutual funds and ETF’s.

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