Aetna Expands CDH Offerings

July 11, 2003 ( - In response to input from plan sponsors, consultants and brokers, Aetna Inc. has announced plans to expand its consumer-directed health program (CDH) inventory to dental options, long-term care premium reimbursement, and a stand-alone pharmacy offering.

The Aetna HealthFund combines a traditional health plan design with an employer-funded health care fund. Under its expanded offerings, Aetna said that employers with at least 1,000 workers who offer both the Aetna HealthFund and Aetna Group Long-Term Care Insurance will be able to feature an integrated premium reimbursement program with an option of allowing employees to use some or all of the unused portion of their health savings account to offset the cost of long-term care premiums paid during the year, according to Washington-based legal publisher BNA.

Comparatively, the DentalFund will offer the coverage of a traditional dental plan, plus a dental fund benefit, allowing members to choose any licensed dentist to provide covered dental services. The employer may also choose to provide first-dollar coverage for preventative services, such as routine oral exams and cleanings, not subject to the annual deductible or deducted from the dental fund.   The DentalFund can be purchased as a stand-alone product or integrated into Aetna HealthFund.

Additionally, the Aetna PharmacyFund will offer the coverage of a traditional drug plan, combined with a pharmacy fund benefit.   It can be purchased either as a stand-alone consumer-directed pharmacy product or to complement a medical plan.   Claims for PharmacyFund members will be automatically processed at the point-of-sale and thus pharmacists will immediately know whether the cost of the prescription should be deducted from their pharmacy fund balance, or paid out-of-pocket as part of their deductible, copayment, or coinsurance.