Aetna Product Provides Worker Health Tips

April 11, 2003 ( - A new wellness product from Aetna could help restore the glow of good health to employees' cheeks.

Aetna has launched Simple Steps To A Healthier Life, an online database of information on disease prevention, condition education, behavior change programs, and health promotion services.

According to an Aetna announcement, Simple Steps invites users to complete an online health-risk assessment, which allows the system to specify risk factors and generate a personalized health action plan with wellness and disease-prevention programs. Employees are then encouraged to make health changes that fit their lifestyles and track progress toward improvement. Based on self-reported information, participants may receive feedback and recommendations for additional programs and resources, according to the company.

For example, an employee who indicates risk factors for heart disease may receive dietary and exercise suggestions in addition to a link to a Web site with cardiac-related health information and decision-support tools. The product also allows benefits managers to track health trends among their workforce.

The product is included as part of Aetna HealthFund and is also available to supplement other benefit plans. Employees who are Aetna HealthFund members can access a link to Simple Steps through Aetna Navigator, Aetna’s benefits-management Web site. Employees enrolled in other plans can also get Internet access to the product.