AIG Offers 30 No-Load Mutual Funds to 403(b) Plans

October 1, 2007 ( - AIG VALIC is launching a no-load mutual fund retirement savings program for the K-12 403(b) market, which includes index, lifecycle and actively managed funds.

According to a press release, the Profile Retirement Program offers more than 30 no-load mutual funds covering all major equity and fixed-income asset classes. The active funds are managed by firms that include American Century, T. Rowe Price, Oppenheimer, BlackRock and Wellington Management.

Expense ratios for the funds range from .35% to 1.17% and average 0.8%, the announcement said.

The offering also includes telephone enrollment and Web-based account management tools, along with support services and investment advice available from AIG VALIC’s Client Care Center and Retirement Education Center.

AIG VALIC also acts as custodian for the funds, providing compliance infrastructure and support to plan sponsors, along with written assurances in the form of “hold harmless agreements” and other service provider agreements to assist the plan in meeting strengthened regulatory requirements.

“At a time when many 403(b) service providers are stepping back in the face of new compliance responsibilities, AIG VALIC is standing firm with our education partners, providing reasonable written assurances that we can assist their plans in meeting the new 403(b) requirements, protecting the compliance integrity of the plan and participants’ retirement assets,” said Bruce R. Abrams, President and CEO of VALIC and the VALIC Retirement Services Company, in the news release.

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