AIG SunAmerica and Ibbotson Associates Launch Variable Annuity Product

March 21, 2005 ( - AIG SunAmerica Retirement Markets has announced that it has joined with Ibbotson Associates Advisors to provide a group of annuity-based investment options directed at retail investors.

The “Seasons” group of variable annuities will offer a tax-deferred option for retail investors. There will be four Managed Allocation Portfolios available, all providing investors with diversification across asset class, investment style and money management talent, according to the company.

Ibbotson, acting as a subadvisor, will allocate equity portfolios in different combinations to each of the four Managed Allocation Portfolios, which will produce four fund-of-funds with different levels of risk and reward, according to the company. AIG SunAmerics’s Seasons Select and Focused Portfolios will serve as the underlying equity investments for the Managed Allocation Portfolios, according to the company. Each of the equity Select Portfolios combined an indexed manager with two active managers. The Focused Portfolios incorporate a multi-strategy approach that combines the top 10 stock picks of each manager.

AIG SunAmerica is a financial services company focusing on retirement strategies, while Ibbotson is an asset allocation firm.