AIM Shutters Seven Funds to New Investors

October 27, 2003 ( - AIM continues its fund reorganization project, announcing the closing of seven mutual funds to new investors.

Made in connection with earlier announced fund reorganizations (See  AIM Reorganizes Eight Funds ), AIM announced the following funds will shutter their doors to new funds as of the end of business today:

  • INVESCO Balanced Fund
  • INVESCO Cash Reserves Fund
  • INVESCO Growth Fund
  • INVESCO Growth & Income Fund
  • INVESCO Real Estate Opportunity Fund
  • INVESCO Tax-Free Money Fund
  • INVESCO Value Equity Fund.

The earlier announced reorganizations are expected to be completed around November 3.

INVESCO and AIM are both under the umbrella of money manager Amvescap Plc.  More information about AIM and INVESCO mutual funds is available at (800) 347-4246.