Alabama Education Association Selects TIAA-CREF as Provider

February 17, 2012 ( - TIAA-CREF has been selected by the Alabama Education Association (AEA) as the exclusive endorsed retirement plan provider for AEA’s more than 104,000 members in 173 school districts and community colleges across the state.

By working together, AEA’s members will have access to a centralized plan, creating economies of scale by pooling assets.   

  • Alabama Educators will benefit from the following plan features: 
  • Local assistance and one-on-one financial advice available through Collateral Financial Advisors, an Alabama-based registered investment adviser; 
  • Access to TIAA-CREF web-based and call center counseling and advice services; 
  • A choice of mutual funds and annuities from TIAA-CREF as well as funds from other investment providers with no sales charges or surrender fees; 
  • Access to built-in guaranteed lifetime income; and 
  • Streamlined 403(b) and 457(b) compliance and administrative capabilities.  


“The market volatility of the past several years highlights the importance of working with a financially strong and low-cost provider to help individuals make the most of saving for retirement,” said Dr. Paul Hubbert, Former Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Alabama Education Association. “TIAA-CREF, a provider that exemplifies these qualities, along with Collateral Financial Advisors, an Alabama-based Registered Investment Advisor offering access to objective, fee-based advice, will encourage educators to take advantage of the savings plan and help them seek a safe and secure retirement.”