American Airlines Unveils Health Info Service

November 29, 2004 ( - American Airlines and WebMD Health, an online health information provider, are working together to provide the air carrier's employees with an online program to help the workers make better health care decisions.

A news release said the information is accessible to approximately 126,000 current and retired American Airlines employees through Jetnet, the company’s Intranet.

“As the cost of health care continues to rise, companies like American Airlines are finding ways to help employees improve their health and manage their benefits, while also reducing the overall expense of health care to their company,” Wayne Gattinella, President, WebMD Health, said in the news release. “By integrating their benefit plan information, and providing health information that is key to decision-making, WebMD is helping these companies meet their goals.”

Through the WebMD Health program, American Airlines offers its employees:

  • HealthQuotient – A tool that assesses each individual employee’s health history and status and provides recommendation for improvement and behavior change.
  • Health Record – An online personalized health record that gives individuals or family members the ability to store, maintain and update health information in a centralized, confidential location.
  • PlanCompare, CostCompare and DrugCompare – Online services that enable employees to compare benefit plans, estimate treatment and service costs and compare drug costs.
  • Condition Centers – Online assessment tools that provide an integrative approach to prevention and treatment for the most prominent conditions.