American Century Focuses on Those Near or In Retirement

November 30, 2005 ( - American Century Investments has unveiled a series of new services to help investors near or in retirement confront the challenges of planning, investing and managing their retirement portfolios.

The new pre- and post-retirement offering includes access to needs-analysis calculations, quality investment advice and guidance, and a new service for converting retirement investments into regular cash flow, according to the announcement.   The services can be delivered via phone, face-to-face or over the Internet.

The three main components of the new services, according to the announcement, include:

  • Planning for Your Retirement (Needs Analysis) – Using American Century’s Investment Planner service, investors complete a series of proprietary integrated calculations to take stock of their personal financial situation and establish:   an income inventory, a retirement budget, and an estimated withdrawal rate and payout strategies.
  • Investing for Your Retirement (Investment Suggestions) – Once the investor has completed the needs analysis, Investment Planner will help develop an investment plan tailored to the investor’s retirement savings and income goals, risk comfort level and time horizon.
  • Retirement Income Management – For those already in retirement, American Century has made it easy to convert retirement investments into regular cash flow through the Paycheck In Retirement service.   Using this service, an investor can establish automatic exchanges from a One Choice Portfolio to an American Century money market fund or bank account where the money can be used to cover monthly living expenses.   Paycheck In Retirement also allows users to select the frequency for automatic transfers, set the transfer amounts, and write checks from their American Century money market account or electronically transfer funds to a checking account as needed.

The new services are part of American Century’s On Plan Investing approach and are available at no additional cost.

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