Aquire Enhances Talent Management and Compensation Software

October 4, 2011 ( – Aquire unveiled the next generations of Aquire Insight and Aquire Compensation. 

Aquire InSight delivers workforce analytics directly to decision makers, allowing them to measure how well they are retaining talent and building their future workforce from within. Leaders can see how the company is changing over time in order to identify and act on problems before they occur in order to create the best possible workforce.

New components to Aquire InSight 2.0 allows users to: 

•  Forecast all key performance indicators and metric trends for any given time period; and 

•  Create future headcount forecasts for every part of the organization.


Aquire Compensation presents planning to managers in context of their span of control, displayed in an organizational chart view. New components to Aquire Compensation 1.5 allows users to: 

•  Administer compensation parameters and re-calculate budgets on the fly, and

•  Base merit guidelines on both performance rating and position in salary band.