Ascensus Unveils Two RK Services for Advisers

August 14, 2008 ( - Ascensus has launched SingleSource Select that is designed to simplify the consulting process for retirement plan financial advisers.

A news release said Single Source Select makes it administratively easy for financial advisers to manage their revenue stream by offering level compensation for the funds their clients choose to offerin their retirement plans.

Ascensus also announced it now offers the Link Insight Select service that combines the local service of a third party administrator (TPA) with Ascensus’ recordkeeping capabilities.

“At Ascensus, we are always looking for ways to help financial advisers establish efficient retirement plans for their clients,” said Neil Smith, Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Support Services, in the announcement. “Accordingly, Single Source and Link Insight Select services are a natural extension to help their clients efficiently select investment options that provide level compensation to their trusted adviser.”