Asparity Product Aids in Health Plan Design

April 24, 2006 ( - Asparity Decision Solutions has released a suite of market research tools that enables companies to design and price heath plans to fulfill employee needs and control company health care costs.

According to the announcement, with SimHR, companies analyze their corporate data, gathered from Asparity’s online decision support tools. The decision support tools rank health plan options based on employee preferences and then aggregate the resulting data.

Asparity delivers detailed reports to help companies understand employee buying behavior and provides the data online so companies can access the information anytime, the announcement said.

In addition, SimHR’s market research tools give companies the ability to immediately evaluate how employees might respond to new benefit designs, plan offerings, and pricing strategies.

By relying on the same science corporations use to bring new products to the marketplace, the results give employers leverage to make more informed decisions about their benefit offerings. SimHR is not intended to replace actuarial or claims analysis, but to complement such techniques and information in the strategic planning process.

Colleen Murphy, Asparity’s President and COO, said in the announcement, “The old methods are just not enough anymore to control health care costs.”

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