AUL Retirement Announces New Investment Offerings

July 22, 2009 ( - AUL Retirement Services clients now have more investment options available for retirement accounts through DWS Investments, Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn (CRM), BlackRock, and Pax World Investments.

AUL said in an announcement that green investing has become a popular option with nonprofit, 403(b) clients because of the funds’ socially conscious missions, hence its addition of the Pax World Balanced and Global Green options.

According to the announcement, AUL also responded to requests from financial professionals. The BlackRock Global Allocation option will offer a broad exposure to domestic and international equities and fixed income securities. In addition, the BlackRock Small Cap Growth Institutional fund, and the CRM Mid Cap Value and CRM Small Cap Value are popular options with registered investment advisers.

The addition of DWS Alternative Asset Allocation Plus offers participants the ability to invest in alternative asset classes, those with low overall market correlation via a single fund of funds strategy. AUL said.

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