Australia's AMP Opts for DirectAdvice

November 14, 2001( - AMP, an Australian financial services company, will begin offering an online financial planning and advice service, called My Plan, powered by technology from DirectAdvice.

AMP has licensed a version of the DirectAdvice platform that has been fully customized for use by AMP in Australia.

AMP will deploy the service via:

  • its 1,900 Financial Planners,
  • self-directed channels, and
  • its worksite marketing companies.

In addition to this new implementation for the Australian market, DirectAdvice has completed international, regulatory-compliant systems for financial services firms in Japan and Germany.

Versions of Direct Advice’s online planning and advice technology are currently in use by Wachovia, People’s Bank, Ayco, SunGard, Mellon Financial Services, Pershing, and companies with whom they do business