Development Corporation for Israel

Plan nameDevelopment Corporation for Israel
LocationNew York, New York
Asset size>$25mm–$50mm
# of participants100–499
Business Category Financial Services
Participation Rate99.4%
Avg Deferral Rate10.4%
# of Funds Offered21
Investment ReviewQuarterly
True-up FeatureYes
Match Vesting Period2 years
EligibilityMonthly entry dates
Default Deferral Rate4%
Default InvestmentTDF (all types)
Systematic WithdrawalsYes
Fee EqualizationNo
Match Rate100% of first 3% of salary
% Receiving Full Match>90%
Max Employer Contribution5%–7%
Financial Education 
   Investing strategiesYes
   Tax/Estate planningYes
   College saving
   Credit/Debt mgmtYes
   Retiree health costs/savings options
Note: Match rates and employer contributions are simplified for reporting purposes and may have other attributes (e.g., caps/limits, tiers, etc.) not listed here.
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