The Standard, Kyle Krueger
2020 Service Stars  | Individual

Kyle Krueger

He stepped in and seamlessly helped the client overcome discrimination testing.
  • Recordkeeping Company
    The Standard
  • Client
    Unitus Community Credit Union
  • Client Headquarters
    Portland, Oregon
  • Plan Assets/Participants

BIO: Kyle Krueger is an account manager with The Standard and has been with the recordkeeper since 2014.

Gayle Evans
, senior vice president, chief human resources (HR) officer at Unitus Community Credit Union, says Kyle Krueger, an account manager with The Standard, was invaluable in helping the credit union with its credit testing.

“Kyle assumed account management responsibility for our plan in the midst of discrimination testing season, March of 2019,” Evans says. “We had many outstanding issues with his predecessor, who retired with only a week’s notice to us. Kyle stepped into the new account and quickly resolved our outstanding issues while providing exceptional analysis, detailed custom reports, and sponsor education perfectly aligned with the complexity and uniqueness of our plan. It was as if he had worked with it for years.

“For discrimination testing, Kyle accommodated and improved the process for customized rate group testing on our timeline rather than the recordkeeper’s normal timeline—all of this with exceptional insight, expertise and service for someone so new to our account,” Evans continues. “Kyle is unique because he comes from a background in compliance, which adds value and depth to the account management service he provides.”

Krueger says he feels satisfied when he can help his clients. “I enjoy partnering together with clients as part of a team,” Krueger says. “I enjoy answering client questions on retirement topics in a way they can understand, but also to analyze data such as with compliance testing and Form 5500 auditor questions. During the annual compliance testing with Unitus Community Credit Union, I offered to hold multiple phone calls with their team.

“I explained the data that we needed from them and detailed how the process works,” Krueger continues. “It helped them research and get me the correct information that our compliance team needed. Once the compliance testing was complete, I went over the results with them on the phone, explaining exactly how we calculated contributions. We calculated an annual profit share for them that had a dual eligibility requirement. With Unitus, I think good communication is key. They appreciate that.”

Lee Barney

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