Bank Puts Out Asset-Backed Securities Platform

November 17, 2004 ( - Amsterdam-based Fortis Bank has launched a new reporting tool for asset-backed securities.

A Fortis news release said its Asset Line product incorporates a range of electronic products, developed by Fortis Bank Information Banking, including Asset Monitor, an inquiry, compliance and reporting tool.

The company said Asset Monitor provides clients with access to information on investment portfolios, which can be used for management information, custody administration, risk management and back-office operations.

Moreover, Asset Monitor enables clients to make their own queries, reports and graphs and to select the relevant data and most appropriate reporting method. All data and reports can be exported in spreadsheet and other formats, allowing clients to import them in their own database or portfolio management systems.

Asset Monitor has now been expanded with a new report, namely “Statement of Money Papers,” which gives detailed information on Asset Backed Securities, CMO’s etc. such as listing positions, pool factors, accrued interest and market value per client.

“The recent growth in demand in the Asset Backed Securities-market has meant that we are keen to find solutions that will enable our clients get a complete overview of their portfolio,” said John van Rumpt of Information and Sales Support of Fortis Bank Information Banking. “By adding this reporting module to our Asset Monitor we can now offer one of the most efficient and effective solutions available.”