BankOxgen Trading Platform Enhanced by E&Y Services

August 21, 2001 ( - FinancialOxygen has partnered with Ernst and Young to provide an advisory service to independent financial institutions participating in its online capital markets trading hub, BankOxygen.

Ernst & Young will offer its Online Tax Advisor and Accounting & Auditing Toolkit, a Web-based service that delivers written tax advice and assistance to BankOxygen participants. The group will also provide information on:

  • cash management services
  • risk management and regulatory services
  • eRisk Solutions.

BankOxygen currently executes about $3 billion in daily volume and connects 21,000 independent US financial institutions with providers of investment products such as Fed Funds, repurchase agreements, money market securities, and commercial paper.

For those with less than $15 billion in assets, BankOxygen provides a platform to invest and manage cash balances in real-time with sophisticated tools typically accessible only to large money managers, the company said in a news release.  The platform features online trading, investment products, market news, and analytics and accounting software.