Bay Area Now a Hot Bed for $100K+ Jobs

January 8, 2007 ( - If you are looking for ground zero for hiring $100,000+ employees these days, San Francisco appears to fit the bill, according to a job Web site for high-end positions.

A news release from said that is because of the renewed growth in the technology/Internet sectors. The Bay Area is also theUS metro area with the highest number of job seekers from elsewhere looking to move there.

San Francisco also has the least competition for every available job, currently boasting a 1:1 ratio between job seekers and job postings on, according to the announcement. Among the firms doing the most high-end hiring in the region are Cisco Systems, eBay, Sun Microsystems, Google and Charles Schwab, TheLadders said.

Outside of San Francisco, the site’s Executive Employment Outlook found the hottest $100,000+ job markets to be New York, Boston, Seattle, Washington, DC, Chicago, and San Diego.

The company said New York and Boston have also seen “exceptional”strength in the financial and health care sectors. Companies such as Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, Ernst & Young, Schering-Plough, Wyeth and The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory are doing east coast hiring.

The tightest US markets are Detroit, Tampa and Dallas, according to the announcement. All three have seen decreases in out-of-state job searches and stiff competition for every available opening.

“Executives tend to job-hop more frequently in a strong economy and hunker down when things are slower,” said Marc Cenedella, president and CEO of, in the news release. “This year, we’re seeing a perfect storm of strong econometrics, seasonality and good old fashioned optimism come together to boost activity in the $100,000+ market.”

A strong majority (62%) of executives polled by the Web site said now is a better time to be in the job market than last year. Moreover, 36% anticipated having to apply to less than 20 job listings before getting an offer. During the same period last year, the same percentage of job seekers anticipated having to apply to 20-50 listings.

Likewise, 35% of this year’s job seekers expect to be in the job market for just three months or less. In 2005, executives braced for three to six-month searches.

The Quarterly Executive Employment Outlook is based on an analysis of recruiting activity on and an independent survey of registered $100,000+ executives during the fourth quarter of 2006. The number of executives that responded to the survey was 1,582.

Complete city-by-city data and survey results are available. Contact John Roderick at 631-656-9736 or to receive more information.